Makaber Konzept Seeks To Mix Fashion, Culture And Sustainability

Makaber Konzept, a new UK Fashion Brand, is trying to close the gap between fashion and culture, whilst making a real difference in the world.

In a world full of fashion brands, it’s hard to get noticed, but that does not mean that new entrepreneurs aren’t trying to change the market. 

In order to do that, Makaber Konzept comes into play with unique illustrations based on the human history that is rich, detailed, exclusive and, most important of all, 100% sustainable. 

Most of the Fashion brands, and fast fashion companies, are changing the behaviour to assure that their product is sustainable, however, it’s hard to find any real information claimed by those companies. That’s why the first Makaber mission is “Putting the World First’, said Roberto Grasiano, founder of Makaber Konzept.

With all of the challenges that any small business naturally has, taking action against fast fashion and this massive industry is a big challenge. With this in mind, Makaber did what they could to ensure that the product is high-quality, fair price and does not add another brand working against the sustainability wave.

Makaber Konzept T-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton from a fair trade partner, meaning that the farmers involved receive a fair price for their products, allowing them to lead a dignified life.

Their sweatshirts follow the same process with 15% recycled polyester, which creates a heavyweight feeling without feeling bulky. The durability of each piece is also very high, the print does not fade and the cotton itself has long-lasting durability, as the ink is eco-friendly/vegan and made for last. 

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Their packages come in 2 different processes: one is 100% recycled and should be recycled as well and the other is a compostable package that you can use in your garden or simply put into water to dissolve it.

Makaber’s founder Roberto Grasiano’s background comes from digital marketing. He has spent 8 years working with startups as an SEO specialist.

Currently, he’s the SEO channel Lead at Lyst, leading the way to create the biggest fashion search engine in the market. His passion for fashion started as a personal issue, as he had always tried to find different styles to fit his personality and it was always difficult to find the right pieces. 

As a brand new Fashion brand, Makaber is still finding its market and exploring their possibilities, soaring gradually with around 100 orders per month. 

Their brand is still being built, with the challenge to grow and survive fighting against fast fashion without the budget to do so. As everything is self-funded, all money generated with the brand is invested back into it. 

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