Happy New Year! And Welcome, 2021.

Dear Planet Earth,

Following on from my 2020 Christmas message, like many other people across the globe, I am happy to see 2020 finally come to an end! And what a year it’s been…

The truth is, launching and running Gramersi has kept me sane during these difficult times. It’s given me something to strive for, something to look forward to, and a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and to keep going, and I am very grateful for that.

But pushing any negativity aside for a minute, the good news is that 2021 brings with it – a new chapter for us all, with a new hope on the horizon, that we can all hang on to and look forward to.

Whilst the hardship is not completely over, and there will still ultimately be some new obstacles to face in this new year, we can all revel in the comfort of knowing that 2021 could finally bring some positive change, and a ‘new normal,’ whatever that ends up looking like.

On that note, I’d like take this moment to reflect back, and to talk about our own success stories this year, since launching in late July/early August, as well as laying out our future plans, so that you know what to expect from us/Gramersi in 2021.

Our Success Stories In 2020:

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  • Lord Sugar retweeted one of our articles!
  • We already receive a few thousands visits a month (organically). We only launched in July!
  • We launched video content across YouTube and Instagram.
  • We launched a series of monthly events (virtual for now, with plans to go physical, soon).
  • Laurene Rey-Millet from the Daily Mail joined the team as our Co-Founder/Chief Journo.
  • We worked with the likes of War Paint For Men, smol, Iasha Masood (Insu Beauty), Posey Yoga, Tropic, M+LK PLUS, Dr Tara Lalvani (Beautifect), and so much more.
  • We developed media partnerships with Araminta Marketing, The Brandbean, True, Zine, Flock Creative and more.

Our Plans For 2021:

  • To grow our writer/contributor team, and to diversify our articles, which will mean a wider variety of content, as opposed to just the standalone ‘brand features,’ which we’ve relied on up until now.
  • To find a studio/location, and to film our VODcasts and PRODUCTcasts professionally, and to increase the overall quality of our video content in every area, to make it more watchable, enjoyable and insightful for all.
  • To significantly grow our readership, our online/social media presence and our YouTube subscriber base.
  • To launch/roll-out physical events.
  • To improve our overall user experience across all platforms and channels.
  • To launch our newsletter, and to grow our subscriber base.
  • To launch our ‘Phase 2’ MVP (this is a top secret project at current, but news on this will be announced in the coming months).

Thank you once again for supporting Gramersi last year, and we look forward to sharing our ‘new self’ with you, and to receiving your further, continued support. We can’t thank you enough, and we really appreciate it.

We’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year in 2021, and we can’t wait to report more positive news, and to share it with you all.


George Taylor,

CEO at Gramersi