Day: 4 January 2021

‘Mooze’s Alternative Gin,’ With Mel Sims

For this week’s Gramersi PRODUCTcast, we invited Mel Sims from Mooze gin to tell us about how she came up with the idea, and what the product is all about.

Doodie Stark Launches Stylish Scarf-Masks, The ‘Doodiescarf.’

Independent women’s fashion boutique, Doodie Stark launches its’ first collection of scarf-masks, the ‘doodiescarf.’

Careaux: Finally. A Luxury, Inclusive Dress That Actually Fits You.

Manchester-based fashion startup, Careaux is changing how women approach their wardrobe(s), with their unique range of inclusive dresses that divide(s) into a perfectly fitted top and skirt, thanks to their revolutionary new waist-zip concept.