Clipeez: Antiviral Shopping Trolley Handle Covers!

PPE Supplies Online has launched the Clipeez, a brand new anti-viral shopping trolley handle cover, that reduces the risk of the Coronavirus spread/infection via cross-contaminated surfaces.

Epidemiologists have cited that Coronavirus spreads when someone touches their eyes, nose, or mouth with their hand following contact with a contaminated surface, and shopping trolley handles are a hotspot for bacteria. Whilst most supermarkets clean the handles of trolleys at the end of each day, customers can’t possibly know how many shoppers touched the trolley beforehand.

The solution to this problem is Clipeez, a new shopping trolley handle cover designed to help you stay protected. As well as offering protection from shared surfaces, Clipeez is also environmentally friendly, and is made from 100% recycled plastic. 

Unlike disposable alternatives, this product is robust, easy to clean at home and is durable for regular use. It’s cost-effective as well as reusable, and you can easily clean them after use. They go into your handbag, backpack or glove compartment, ready for further use. 

Clipeez is perfect for those worried about travel on buses and trains, as they can be used for the passenger handles on buses and trains.

They are available in four different colours and also come in both a single pack of two covers, or a multipack of four pairs.

PPE Supplies Online’s spokesperson, Tony Harrison stated:

‘As cities are elevated to Tiers 3 and 4 of Coronavirus restrictions amid concerns about the rapid spread of the virus, the situation has demanded innovation and adaptability, which is exactly what PPE Supplies Online seeks to offer. We hope our latest product provides you protection against viruses on contaminated surfaces and some peace of mind.’

Founded following the substantial demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic in April 2020, PPE Supplies Online works with chains in Europe and China as they seek new ways to help stop the spread of infection, with Clipeez becoming the latest in a growing set of innovative PPE supplies.

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