Handmade Jewellery Brand, ‘Precious Stuff:’ Unique Pieces For Men and Women

Precious Stuff is an online handmade jewellery store and repair shop, focused on promoting eco-friendly, unique pieces for both men and women.

Sylvie Magennis founded Precious Stuff with a vision of targeting both men and women who appreciate the value of unique and custom made jewellery, to set their style and standard apart.

Sylvie said: ‘The difference is, I will not reproduce a design twice. I want women/men to be aware that they can have something unique made for them instead of blending with the crowd.’

Precious Stuff pieces combine silver with wood, shell, bones, bead and more.

80% of the jewellery Sylvie sells is made to order, with her clients sending her a picture of a design concept as a model. Once an order is received, and a price is agreed, Sylvie then starts her magic. 

Sylvie is highly dedicated the artistic process, and she sends an image or a video of each step taken towards making the jewellery, whilst keeping a close contact with the client to facilitate the best outcome and delivery of the piece.

After graduating in science, Sylvie worked for several leading companies in the UK, but she knew deep down that she was always destined to be an artist.

With time, she grew tired of seeing women wearing the same old outfit or jewellery at events, and so she took a leap of faith, and created her brand to revolutionise the way people shop for jewellery. 

Since 2019, Sylvie has made 77 individual jewellery designs, which took between 1 to 3 weeks to be created and delivered.

Precious Stuff’s designs are unique and never repeated, so when one item is gone, it is gone. But rest assured that you’ll find your ideal piece, as her online store has over 100 different designs in stock.  

Sylvie seeks to expand Precious Stuff uniqueness to the rest of the globe, as she explained : ‘I also sell imported ready made silver jewellery from around the world at an affordable price, specially for those who wish to gift their friends and family.’

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