Britain Loves Baking Launches Mindfulness Boxes To Support Mental Health

Britain Loves Baking, the direct-to-consumer baking box business launched during COVID to safeguard the jobs of the founders’ employees, has launched its’ Mindfulness Box Initiative, a baking box that not only tastes good, but does good, too.

Previously, we covered Britain Loves Baking’s Small Baking Box , but this time round, the brand has created a box for those anxious and stressful moments, or as a mindful gift for someone you know who is experiencing isolation anxiety, or is feeling down.

The box is there to provide a wholesome distraction and enable people to focus on something therapeutic, relaxing and enjoy tasty bakes at the end.

The Mindful Baking Box seeks to support the nation’s mental wellbeing and Britain Loves Baking will produce the box at cost and sell it for £10 with the difference donated to the Mental Health Foundation, the UK’s leading charity for mental health. 

Baking is considered an act of mindfulness and many have spoken out about its benefits, including 2012 Great British Bake-Off winner, John Whaite who openly spoke about it helping him deal with manic depression.

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Britain Loves Baking’s founder, Greg Wixted said: ‘One in four people will experience an issue with their mental health at some point in their life and the ongoing pandemic has compounded this. I am one of those four, for years I have turned to baking and can be found baking late into the night when I am stressed.’

The boxes include Focused Focaccia, Meditation Cupcakes and Raising Your Self Esteem Polenta & Sesame loaf. 

All ingredients are supplied readily-measured out, with a step-by-step recipe card and full instructions and video tutorials on Facebook and You Tube. 

Each week during lockdown, Greg and his team will randomly gift up to 20 boxes and anyone can nominate someone or themselves via the contact section or purchase a box on