Period Pad Startup, Lilypads To Fight ‘Period Poverty,’ With Their Reusable Product(s)

Reusable period-pad, start-up – Lilypads has announced that they’ll be providing period products to communities in Kenya and Cambodia to help end ‘period poverty.

Lilypads believes that NO ONE should be forced to settle for poor quality period pads, and that actually – everyone should have access to period pads that are comfortable, absorbent and affordable. In other words, sustainability should not be a luxury. 

Lilypads run a ‘buy one sponsor one’ model, working with partners across the world who set up initiatives run by local women to distribute safe period products, and to ensure that no one is endangered or disadvantaged by their period. 

Through their most recent sales, Lilypads were able to provide pads to projects in Kenya and in Cambodia.

Alison Wood and Mhairi Cochrane both started Lilypads when they were at the University of Edinburgh in 2018. What started out as a student project aiming to increase access to period products, Alison and Mhairi crowdfunded their business successfully in just one week, and they went live in October 2020, after spending 2 years developing their reusable pad(s).

For every pack they sell, a pack is sponsored to a community around the world where period product access is limited.

Co-founder Alison Wood said: ‘I started Lilypads out of sheer frustration. School girls I was working with in Kenya were exchanging sex for period pads, because they couldn’t afford them and were desperate to stay in school while on their period. I can’t believe that there isn’t a better solution so I became determined to find one.

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