‘The Entrepreneur’s Cookbook:’ Shaz Nawaz Releases A Recipe Book For Business Success

Shaz Nawaz presents ‘The Entrepreneur’s Cookbook: Essential Measures for Business Success,’ which takes readers through the six stages needed to build a thriving business, with every tip and piece of wisdom designed for fast action and implementation.

Millions of businesses around the world are facing unprecedented challenges as COVID-19 continues to disrupt markets and morph consumer behaviours.

But, as many entrepreneurs are finding, the average business book is dense, difficult to implement and confuses readers with often impractical theory.

Shaz Nawaz has helped thousands of businesses grow and skyrocket their profits. His new book, ‘The Entrepreneur’s Cookbook: Essential Measures for Business Success,’ is the silver bullet many are crying out for.

Shaz Nawaz new book’s synopsis previews:

The Entrepreneur’s Cookbook offers a genuine – and relevant – alternative to the myriad business ‘tips’ titles that exist, delivering practical advice for every reader.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners want to know what others have actually DONE to tackle challenges and bring profitable success. They don’t need indecipherable and impractical theory; they need advice and goals and they want to know how they can implement these points in their business to drive profitable success. 

They want to know which things to do and which things NOT to do.

Many books can be intimidating for a reader who isn’t steeped in business experience, but The Entrepreneur’s Cookbook will be the platform and guide they need on their path to business success.

Shaz explained: ‘My intention from the start has been to cut through the typical business book which bombards readers with theory, numbers and leaves their eyes crossed.’

 ‘People want to read something quickly, close the book and get to work immediately on implementation. That’s exactly what my new book allows you to do,’ added Shaz. 

Shaz confesses that he’s done all of ‘the trial-and-error,’ often at considerable expense, and that his book represents the best of what he know works.

And reviews have been extremely positive with Author and investor Neville Wright writing: “Offering a clearly written and accessible set of vital and unique strategies for existing businesses and up and coming new entrepreneurs, Shaz’s ground-breaking yet practical advice will help lift your business head and shoulders above the crowd.”

Shaz and his work has been featured in many media such as The Financial Times, BBC Radio 4, The Guardian, The Independent on Sunday, The Telegraph, The Times, The Sun and The Daily Mirror.

Shaz Nawaz BA MA ACA, commonly known as ‘The Profits Wizard,’ is a business consultant who has led thousands of businesses to greater growth and profit in all sectors. Over the past 14 years, Shaz’s clients are enjoying more than £100 million in extra turnover generated as a result of his advice.

In addition to this coaching and consultancy, Shaz also runs four other businesses of his own: an accountancy practice, a property business, a day nursery and a credit hire business.

Giving back is as important to Shaz as making money. With the charity Buy1GIVE1, he has created a million giving impacts, with examples such as a day’s water for children in Ethiopia. 

He is also working to eliminate homelessness in Peterborough, is a Young Enterprise “Dragon,” and he mentors business people with severe learning difficulties.