Briiv: The World’s Most Sustainable Air Purifier

The briiv Air Filter brings together the power of all natural, sustainable, and biodegradable materials to deliver air purification performance that equals that of conventional devices.

Briiv is a revolutionary, natural air purifier, perfect for those looking for a way to benefit from ‘countryside quality air,’ inside homes everywhere.

Their innovative system utilises a powerful four stage “quad-core” filter process, using 100% biodegradable and natural materials which can be composted at the end of their usable life. 

The filter includes: dried moss, coconut husk, activated charcoal and a specially crafted nano-silk matrix material. In addition, the device can also be used in smart homes through its’ Alexa and Google integration, for absolute control and convenience.

Thanks to the proven efficiency of the 100% natural filters, the purifier will remove harmful toxins, animal dander, mould spores and particles from a 4m x 4m room (average living room) in just 30 minutes. 

Designer and Creative Director, Sean Sykes commented: “The device is like nothing currently available and is without doubt, the most sustainable air purifier ever created, using b riiv instead of the current market offering could help remove 1,000s of tonnes of non-biodegradable HEPA filters from landfill every year.”

Furthermore, the briiv Air Filter has 100% biodegradable filters and is made from 90% natural and sustainable materials, and their efficient natural filters can even be composted down fully, to zero waste, within 3-4 months.

Managing Director, James Whitfield added as well: ‘We’ve invested heavily in identifying the most efficient and renewable filter materials possible and we believe we’ve found the perfect combination.’

Briiv are based Leeds, creating sustainable products for modern living, seeking to innovate in the HVAC industry, offering consumers and businesses the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and create healthier environments for themselves in the process. 

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Briiv was launched as a venture by its’ parent company FiveCreate, to innovate in the HVAC industry and to create a more sustainable approach to product design and manufacturing. 

The origins of FiveCreate can be traced back to a partnership between engineers James Whitfield and Sean Sykes, who together have been making product innovations for nearly over a decade. 

Five Create is a relatively new venture, a company whose primary focus is to make unique innovations and take new strides in sustainability and eco-centric product design.

After spending years in R&D and testing, through numerous prototypes, as a new innovation and in-need of initial capital, the briiv Air Filter was initially launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in early 2020, to great success.

Due to the phenomenal demand for the product, Briiv went into a second phase of crowdfunding and pre-orders through the IndieGoGo platform. 

To date, the product has accrued over £300,000 in support from backers worldwide, with the first units expected to ship in February 2021 and the assembly taking place at their UK distribution centre.

In the UK, they will exclusively retail and distribute the product on their own platform and have distribution deals in place in the US, Japan, Germany, Mexico and other territories.

The briiv Air Filter is now available on: