Thés Lac Rose: Enjoy The Taste Of An Award-Winning, Couture Tea Brand

Award-winning tea company, Thés Lac Rose – has brought a delicious Parisian-Senegalese mixed heritage tea to their innovative collection, for all to try.

Couture tea brand, Thés Lac Rose, was among the Great Taste winners of 2020, being recognised for their second consecutive year by the Guild of Fine Food for their premium teas. 

Thés Lac Rose is a premium tea brand that was founded in London in 2018 by 25 year-old tea aficionada, Dalla Niakhaté. The young Parisian-born Senegalese takes advantage of her rich heritage and cultural background to create mesmerizing and poetic tea blends. Her handmade tea collections are released seasonally with ethically-sourced tea leaves.

Out of more than 12 000 products sent in from over 100 different countries, Thés Lac Rose was awarded a 1-star Great Taste award by judges for its’ Momar blend in 2020. Its’ awarded flavour, The Momar tea, is a delicate bouquet of red rooibos, ginger and lemongrass.

Dalla Niakhate, Thes Lac Rose’s founder, was extremely grateful to see her work recognised by the industry’s most demanding taste buds for a blend that has such a special meaning to her:

Momar is a blend that is part of our Paris-London-Dakar collection which is an homage to my multi-cultural background but also to  Momar Bakhoum, my late grandfather. He was the kindest and wisest human being you’d ever meet. Papy Momar was one of these rare souls that have a lasting impact on the lives of the ones they meet. He had a heart of gold and his aura will keep shining down on us for as long as we live. This award is for him.”

Dalla Niakhaté came to London from Paris back in 2017, and she comes from a Senegalese family where teas have always had a very special place, especially herbal blends. 

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Dalla Niakhaté

Indeed, In a lot of West African countries, herbal teas are used for their health benefits and she grew up drinking and truly enjoying all sorts of traditional teas.

In 2016, during her management studies at ESSEC business school in Paris, Dalla travelled to China for an internship and that is when the idea of starting her own tea business truly flourished in her head.

In China, she got a more formal training on tea by exploring gardens and meeting with farmers to get a better understanding of the overall tea ecosystem, and fast forward to 2018, she took a leap of faith and launched Thés Lac Rose. 

Dalla explained: ‘With Thés Lac Rose, I wanted to create couture and responsible teas for the most curious and sophisticated palates. I wanted teas that tell a story and even better than that, teas that would make people taste the story!’

Thés Lac Rose seeks to play with textures, aromas, colours, flowers, herbs, fruits to tell a story, but beyond taste and quality, they also care about their partners and the respect of the ecosystem everyone is a part of, hence why their teas are ethically sourced from small local producers in Sri Lanka, China, Kenya and India, who are all certified Ethical Tea Partnership.

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