Etincelle Swimwear: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly T-Shirts And Bath Suits

As a brand, Etincelle‘s products are made from recycled nylon, which is brought back from other industry waste, such as old lost fishnets, in order to create a sustainable circle. 

Their t-shirts are composed of 100% biological wool. This type of wool requires less water than regular used wool and is cultivated without pesticides, with its’ embroideries inspired from French iconic songs. 

Etincelle’s t-shirts ensure full fairness by vowing that workers contributing to the products’ creation are paid fairly and equally. 

Their products will be soon available on their website by the end of January 2021.

The brand seeks to walk towards body positivity as well, by ensuring that their model photos are photo-shopped either very little, or not at all, in order to show the body’s full reality, be it with imperfections and uniqueness.

Born in September 2020, thanks to Orlanne Crauet, – Etincelle Swimwear is a youthful French bathing suits and t-shirts brand, all of which is environmentally friendly.

After 5 years in London working in the fashion industry along with other areas, founder Orlanne becomes aware of the everlasting issue within the fashion glitters: overproduction, environmental impact, fast-fashion, and Etincewelle Swimwear, which became her expression of how to become more eco-responsible.

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Orlanne realised there were very few eco-changes made within certain products lines within the fashion industry, like making jeans without using any water, or banning the use of fur on coats, and the seaside fashion products were even less fortunate!

After a month and a half of crowdfunding, Etincelle’s first 65 pieces of its’2021 collection were sold on the platform, Ulule.

The brand has been selected by La Fabrique Aviva, a company that organises a competition for the best sustainable or eco-responsible entrepreneurs/business, for the competition’s final’s selection of the most sustainable product, taking place in Ile De France, between the 12th of January and the 29th of April 2021.

‘By creating Etincewelle Swimwear, I sought to make clothes by contributing to the solution and not the problem,’ explained founder Orlanne.

All of Etincelle’s creation are produced from Italie, the cradle of fashion.

You can find out more here.