R10 Labs: Natural, Sustainable Skincare For Men

R10 Labs is a 100% natural, sustainable, multi-award winning skincare brand for men, and is reliant on their proprietary Liquicrystal Technology, which is proven by numerous independent scientific studies to improve skin on the molecular level.

Starting their business with just £15k, R10 Labs has just served their 100000th customer.

Developed for the 21st century, R10 Labs’ multi-award winning skincare brand is made of 100% natural premium formulations, powered by their LiquiCrystal® Technology, giving unrivalled performance to get men’s skin looking and feeling the best it can be, with concentrated botanical extracts.

Based in Leeds. and manufactured in Yorkshire, R10 Labs’ affordable skincare range shows that premium skincare does not have to mean premium prices. 

Founder, Kal Bulbul’s journey to creating R10 Labs – is paved with determination, grit and like many other successful entrepreneurs, pain.

His entrepreneurial story began in childhood. Kal always had a passion for creating, and in particular, he had a passion for computers, so he started to build his own computers with some pocket money he put aside. At 14 years old, his ingenuity rewarded him with a paid role at a company called MaxitMag, to create content for their website.

But at 15, Kal began to feel ill, and strange lumps started to appear in various parts of his body, much to the horror of the already self-conscious teenager. It was minor at first, but it soon developed into what is now known to be a lifelong debilitating auto-immune skin condition, called Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS).

Whilst studying for his GCSE’s, the auto-immune disease had progressed onto stage 3, the most serious form, requiring the assistance of health professionals every morning, to dress the numerous wounds.

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After going through a particularly grueling skin graft operation which failed, as did numerous other major operations, Kal sought to find what was causing his immune system to attack his skin, as his life depended on it. And after some trial and error, Kal finally found out the issue wasn’t his skin, but what he was putting on it.

Without any credible alternatives, Kal approached a holistic professional with decades of experience to create skin care products for his own personal use, and with time passing, he saw a significant improvement with his skin. Not only did his skin end up being less itchy, and looked more healthy, but it also cured his auto-immune disease. 

Creator Kal recalled: ‘This gave me the idea, why aren’t natural, quality skin care products for an affordable price available for sale anywhere? I set out to create my own skincare brand, while I started out small, creating products for personal use, products for retail need far greater scrutiny.’

In 2012, Kal intensified his search to build the ultimate skincare brand, one that sets a benchmark in quality and affordability, and after 5 painstaking years of R&D, and the testing of thousands of samples, he perfected the LiquiCrystal Technology, a technology that improves your skin on a molecular level by repairing the crucial bonds in your skin which is damaged by UV, pollution, harsh cosmetics, alcohol, diet, and weather, etc.

And in mid-2018, R10 Labs was just starting its’ humble first step, winning many industry awards, including Best New British Brand at Pure Beauty, Best Body Wash at the Beauty Shortlist Awards, Men’s Grooming at the Free From Skincare Awards, and a personal win at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for Health & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year.

Now, Kal is proud to say that R10 Labs is the only male skincare brand which has achieved The Plastic Soup Foundations “Say No to Zero” accreditation, for having zero plastics & synthetic polymers in all their products.

Find out more here: https://www.r10labs.com