‘Human Food:’ The Nutritional Bar Brand, Recommended By Doctors and Nutritionists

Human Food has emerged this year – as one of the UK’s most exciting new food brands. Their food bars can be used as ultra-marathon food, a vegan nutritional supplement, or just eaten on the go.

The brand has been recommended by doctors, nutritionists and dietitians as a nutritional therapy, and as the healthiest convenience food on offer – 100% organic, and multi-functional. Human Food has set ‘new standards’ in nutrition and sustainability, whilst bringing a clinical-level rigour to the world of health food by funding independent efficacy studies.

Their product is an Organic Daily Nutrition Bar that is available in 5 ‘colours,’ with recipes designed specifically to support a plant-based lifestyle.

Importantly, in light of mounting scientific evidence that synthetic nutrients offer no long-term health benefits, and can even be damaging – Human Food uses only certified organic wholefood ingredients and wholefood extracts, and thanks to that, the bars are regarded by leading health professionals as the World’s most nutritionally-dense, organic food. 

Generally Human Food’s bars contain:

◿ Only plant based nutrients – and is the only food product available anywhere in the world which includes 100% of the RI of vitamin B12 in an organic form.

◿ No added sugar, no GMOs, no soy, no artificial flavours, sweeteners or flavourings. 

◿ Daily amounts of a range of functional ingredients such as turmeric, spirulina, ginseng, maca. 

◿ Is filling enough to replace a meal. 

◿ Brings clinical-level rigour to the world of health food, funding independently designed and administered efficacy studies with research partners, Swansea and Aberystwyth Universities. 

◿ 100% of Human Food’s packaging is compostable, including cellulose-based wrappers.

And each individual bar contains: 

  • White Bar – 16g of organic nuts (walnuts, almonds, and cashews) .
  • Orange Bar – 40mg of organic orange oil, and 100% RI of vitamin C per bar.
  • Red Bar – 10g of organic goji berries.
  • Yellow Bar – 500mg of organic turmeric.
  • Green Bar – 1g of organic spirulina.

Human Food was founded by food and drink entrepreneur, Ky Wright, who decided to leave the frozen yogurt business (Lick Yogurt) that he had co-founded with a friend whilst still in school, in order to see more of the world, and to begin development on his latest invention, Human Food. 

Founder Ky explained his motivation for starting Human Food:

This was partly in response to changes in my own diet (having excluded animal products and refined sugar) and partly to address what I saw as a wider need for an organic food product which makes it easy to maintain a nutritionally complete, plant-based diet.’

After 4 years of continual development, guided by world-leading experts in health and nutrition, Human Food was launched on Kickstarter in 2018, successfully reaching its’ target to become the world’s most–funded vegan product of all time.

And in early 2019, Human Food went into full-scale production, securing investment from venture capital group, Blue Horizon in March as well.

The brand has secured customers and subscribers including elite sports professionals, such as ultra runner Catra Corbett, and rock climber Steph Davis.

And now, the brand has received official endorsements by different health experts, such as Dr Adigo Atabo (the first doctor in England to be certified with the Institute for Functional Medicine) BM BS BMedSc (Hons) MRCS MIH FWACS (Plastics) IFMCP, who stated:

I am very impressed by the care taken to develop the product. The precise formulation allows the Human Food bars to be prescribed as nutritional therapy, and the 100% compostable packaging is spot on.’

To discover the Human Food range, head to:  https://humanfood.bio