‘Naturally Tribal:’ The Indie Skincare Brand That’s Filled With Natural Ingredients

Naturally Tribal came to light thanks to a well-rounded pharmacist and mother of five, Shalom Lloyd – who combined her professional knowledge and African heritage to create a natural skincare remedy in her Bedfordshire kitchen.

The brand has sustainability at its’ core, and aims to respect nature’s ability to support clean beauty  and wellbeing, enabling a healthy body and a happy mind. Their ethos is built on valuing healthy, ethical and sustainable living, simplicity and transparency, whilst maintaining luxury.

Naturally Tribal rolled onto the UK market thanks to its’ founder, British-Nigerian Shalom Lloyd, who created her brand to resolve a personal struggle at first. After giving birth to twins at age 40, Shalom was desperate to find a natural remedy for her son’s eczema, who suffered with bleeding skin. 

Seeking a natural solution, and as mother of five and a pharmacist, Shalom created the solution herself in 2016 from her kitchen, by combining her professional knowledge and her African heritage.

Now developed into a global business, founder Shalom confesses the 2020 pandemic has been difficult, but: ‘even during these unprecedented times, we have  kept busy, continued to grow, evolve and focused on doing what is right.’

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With around 900 million people around the world suffering with a skin condition, skin diseases remain a major cause of disability worldwide, and Naturally Tribal aims to change the narrative by becoming a leading global natural skincare brand for customers with skin conditions, as well as customers who want to maintain their skin as nature intended.

The brand has currently six staff, but is looking to create more jobs in the UK, and in 2019, they provided health and safety training to 350 women in Essan, Nigeria, along with creating up to 70 jobs. 

Last year in 2020, they supported women Shea collectors in the Kingdom of Essan in Nigeria, by providing masks and other tools to facilitate the safe collection of Shea nuts, and they provided samples of their award-winning products for use by several NHS staff – to ease the burden of excessive hand washing.

Find out more here: https://naturallytribalskincare.com