Aqua & Rock Launches Chrome-Free Sustainable Sneakers

Aqua & Rock has produced their very own sustainable sneakers to continue their pledge towards helping the environment and the planet.

Recently, we featured Aqua & Rock’s sustainable clothes collection, and now – the brand has created their very own sustainable sneakers.

Ranging from simple and stylish white sneakers to printed panels, their shoes are inspired by historic painters, and each pair of sneakers is not only designed to be environmentally friendly, but also to help prevent allergic reactions against skin.

The body of their sneakers is made from recycled leather, and all of Aqua & Rock’s sneakers are produced using a “Wet-White” tanning technology, without the use of chromium or heavy metals that can be harmful to our bodies and the environment. 

Chromates are Ions that are used in chrome plating to protect metals from corrosion, and due to chromates being widely used they can now be found in soil, water, plant, food and even on our bodies. Chromates can be a reason as to why some of us become allergic to different fabrics such as leather, and Aqua & Rock decided to find a solution.

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The process offers natural and bright colours to leather as well as having a pH value that is good for one’s skin.

Aqua & Rock are an independent, sustainable fashion brand founded in 2019 by Dea Baker, selling a mixture of clothing, interiors and accessories that are all sustainably sourced and produced.

The consciousness and efforts to preserve the environment for families is exactly why the founder started the company in the first place, and Dea decided that she wanted to create a company that supported the environment, not ruin it – for the next generation.

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