Tweakd: Science And Nutrition Backed Meals – Tailored To Your Goals.

Tweakd uses a perfect combination of science and nutrition to boost your performance, energy and mood, by providing pre-prepared frozen meals tailored your specific goals.

To date, most home delivery/pre-prepared meal services (particularly frozen meals) have normally been mass-produced at a low cost, but Tweakd is driven by something much stronger than revenue.  The brand seeks to create change in people’s attitudes in the way they eat, by enhancing their lifestyles.

Tweakd was Co-Founded by four experienced individuals: Jack White, Perry Joseph, and two leading names in the UK sports nutrition space, namely – Omar Meziane and Michael Naylor.

Omar is arguably the leading chef in the sporting world, and has worked with the England football team, Harlequins Rugby, England Cricket and many more.

Whilst Mike Naylor is the Head of Nutrition at the English Institute of Sport, where he supports some of Britain’s biggest Olympic and Paralympic stars.

Tweakd was founded as a result of the group realising that there was/is a need for readily available nutritional support for the masses. Initially, this started out as a niche for the ‘elite,’ but the group realised and believed that everyone deserves to benefit from its’ nutritional benefits. 

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Tweakd wants their customers to think of their brand like a personal nutritionist; delivering to their door – nutritionally balanced meals which can be tweaked and tailored specifically to one’s goal, however large or small.

Co-founder Jack White said: ‘We aim to launch in the middle of February 2021 and begin nationwide delivery to anyone in the UK that wants to lead a healthier lifestyle and effectively eat the same food and receive the same nutritional benefits as elite athletes.’

He added: ‘We are on a mission to help the world inspire personal positive change through a fusion of great taste and science, and within the next two years we hope to have achieved significant growth within the UK market and expand geographically.

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