Get The Perfect Nights’ Sleep With Kokoon’s Nightbuds

Kokoon vows to make sleep better, easier, and more enjoyable with their brand new, immersive, intelligent, audio Bluetooth headphones, ‘Nightbuds.’

Nightbuds are the world’s thinnest Bluetooth headphones (5.3mm thick), and are sleep-sensing headphones that work with an app to intelligently improve your sleep, by automatically adapting the audio as the wearer falls asleep, and after – provides insights and coaching specific to you, to help improve your sleep.

With increased anxiety, isolation and screen-time during this pandemic, more than half of the population are now struggling with sleep, and Kokoon’s Nightbuds are here to help people escape the stress, achieve an active mind, dial down on the snoring, get away from noisy neighbours, and find the perfect, peaceful sanctuary to enjoy a better nights’ sleep and relaxation. 

Nightbuds is the follow up product to Kokoon’s hugely successful sleep headphones, which were launched in 2018, and offers many features at first glance:

Nightbuds utilises Kokoon’s sleep coaching technology and monitors your sleep (via PPG and accelerometers) to provide personalized insights and recommendations specific to the user, to improve your sleep. Applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is widely recognized as the most effective treatment to aid sleep users, and the device helps with that.

Within the app users can “create their own Kokoon,” an immersive 4D binaural soundstage in which listeners can experience incredible relaxing audio escapes such as the “Misty Mountain Hideaway.”

For the last 7 years, Kokoon has been developing headphones that are comfortable for use in bed, and now their Nightbuds have been designed to be worn throughout the night in all positions, including side sleeping. The soft, ergonomic buds are incredibly thin – just 5.4mm thick which is over 391% thinner than the average Bluetooth earbud.

The brand was founded in 2013 with the mission to become a non-pharmaceutical, digital ‘go to’ for helping people relax and sleep easier. 

Founder, Tim Antos struggled with insomnia himself, and after attending many sessions at a sleep clinic, he wanted a more convenient, cheaper way of getting access to the insights and techniques he was introduced to. 

Tim recalled: “I wanted to make all this knowledge, all these great tools I learnt in the sleep clinic more accessible to the everyday consumer to use on their own terms.”

He realised that there was a need for a more accessible consumer friendly solution that better fitted within modern lifestyles, and could be used irrespective of the frequency or severity of a person’s issue. 

With new advances in data, science and sensing technologies, Tim and fellow engineer, and co-founder Richard came up with the concept behind Kokoon.  

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