N°1 Illume: Exfoliating Silk Gloves – Inspired By Ancient Rituals Of Turkish Bath Houses

The N°1 Illume glove provides the feeling (and benefits) of a traditional Turkish bath treatment with its’ woven silk – that effortlessly exfoliates, purifies and energises the skin.

This brand new, glove-based product brings with it – the benefits of exfoliation to everyone. Coming all the way from Turkey, the product is packaged in the UK in recyclable boxes.

This ancient ritual of deep exfoliation and detoxification originates from the bath houses of Turkey, and is known to brighten dull dry skin, remove fake tan, prevent ingrown hairs, and improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and cellulite. 

The glove removes dead skin cells on the surface (through a ‘peel’), along with unclogging pores and loosening any ingrowing hairs. When used once a week, the N°1 Illume glove will help to maintain the equilibrium of your skin, visibly improving the appearance of scarring and acne.

Silk gloves have traditionally been used in the world famous Turkish baths (Hammams), where revellers would commonly visit for a weekly body scrub and bath. Following a steam bath and a sauna, you’d be scrubbed by someone wearing a silk glove. 

The N°1 Illume glove is the brainchild of accountant Louise Wilkins, who got tired of scouring the net for a natural gentle method of exfoliation for her dry skin during the Covid-19 lockdown. Having experienced the results of Turkish baths, she wanted to create a beautiful, effective product that would bring the Hammam home, and so she took matters in her own hands.

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Louise explained: ‘I have suffered with many skin conditions varying from dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema, as well as red bumpy, and sometimes sore skin on my legs and the backs of my arms, but it was never a problem as I’d always keep those areas covered. I suppose I just ignored it.’     

She added: ‘Initially this wasn’t a business idea, it was something I was searching for, for myself. It was only when I couldn’t find anything similar in the UK, that promised the same results, that N°1 Illume was created.

Louise has set her sights high for N°1 Illume, and she continuously seeks to grow the business, so that this type of exfoliating product becomes more accessible and ‘routine,’ for thousands of people.

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