ReWorked: A Breakthrough In PPE Wastage With Their Recycling Box

Yorkshire-based company, ReWorked has developed a full-service operation to process disposable face-masks, gloves, and visors for the public and private sectors, thanks to their recycling box. 

And now, in collaboration with the Thermal Compaction Group (TCG), testing has begun to recycle face-masks from The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust (their masks would previously have been incinerated, – a process that releases harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere).

Through further exploration, the partnership hopes that the scheme will roll out to hospitals across the UK.

The PPE waste is collected via their recycling PPE bin and after a 72 hour quarantine, the waste undergoes a lengthy process of shredding and washing.

ReWorked recycling boxes allow(s) savvy individuals and businesses to recycle all of those tricky plastics that would usually end up in the landfill. The shredded plastic is then layered onto what ReWorked call their “Stormboard Mill,” where it is heated to over 200c, and pressed into a solid board.

These durable plastic boards can then be used as building materials, or cut to become furniture, bins and other practical items that ReWorked then resell then on their website.

From plastics collected through their box scheme, to beach cleans, manufacturing waste, and take-back schemes, etc, the company creates new and wonderful products – made from 100% recycled plastic.

ReWorked was founded in 2019 by Steve Carrie, who has a family background of over 30 years in waste management, giving him the expertise to lead the business to greatness. 

Founder Steve proudly sayid: “We are innovators, finding solutions to the timeless issues within the recycling industry. We simply don’t believe in the term ‘non-recyclable.”

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