Stop Spilling Your Cuppa With The ‘Tipsi Tray’

Single Handed Ltd is a small, yet innovative home and hospitality brand that has invented a single hand use tray called the Tipsi Tray, to make life easier for the able-bodied. 

Single Handed’s unique design allows easier use for those with balance or shaking issues, or those with disabilities which makes carrying a traditional tray more difficult, dangerous or even impossible in some cases. 

The tray is particularly useful for the elderly, disabled or those with tremor diseases, as it allows the user to negotiate stairs whilst still holding the bannister, and to see their feet whilst walking, to open doors, and to push through crowds. 

It works on a very simple physics principle of centripetal force. When held, items on the Tipsi Tray sit far below the centre of rotation, and when moved around, the contents remain still on the tray as the centripetal force overcomes the force of gravity. Put simply, things on the tray stay flat and level relative to the handle. 

Plus, the tray is both dishwasher friendly and with a modular design, making it fit perfectly around the home, in cafes, or in bars. 

The Tipsi Tray will be launching on on the 29th of April (US) and on the 30th of April (in Europe), helping Single Handed Ltd to fund the production and development of other helpful products. 

After seeing his grandparents struggling to open doors and use the stairs in their home while serving drinks on a two-handed tray, founder Robert Simpson knew that there had to be a better way to make life easier for people with mobility issues, and that’s when work began on the Tipsi Tray.

Having recently sold a previous company focusing on e-vehicles, Robert wanted to focus on the Tipsi Tray, and a range of new innovative products aimed at making people’s lives easier. 

Single Handed are also committed in trying to help the planet in any way they can, making their Tipsi Tray from stainless steel so it lasts a lifetime and can be reused over and over again. 

Furthermore, their packaging is recyclable with no unnecessary plastic. The company decided to join 1% for the Planet, who puts companies and people together with high-impact non-profit partners so that their 1% can go directly to environmental causes that they care about that suit their brand.

Single Handed Ltd. recently won the South Coast Business Awards for New Business of the Year and the Tipsi Tray has been recently featured in GiGadgets, a social media platform that has over 11million followers introducing the latest technology and smart gadgets to hit the market.

Founder Robert proudly said: ‘Single Handed has a huge year ahead, launching the Tipsi Tray in the US with the Home Shopping Network and with a range of new products hitting the shelves…We also have a TV appearance in early 2021 which will truly put us on the map.’

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