Bring A Touch Of Elegance To Your Room With An Original Bustier Sculpted Candle

Revival Senses makes luxury handmade vegan, eco-friendly and sustainable hand-sculpted candles shaped in the form of beautiful and slender bustiers or bosoms, adding an elegant and curvaceous look to any room.

Revival’s exquisite candles are 100% homemade, from sculpting the model to pouring the candle into shape, and the brand seeks to represent the beauty of the human body with its’ perfections and imperfections.

Made from coconut wax, Revival candles are vegan and eco-friendly.

The brand is part of Revival Enterprises Limited which was created in December 2020 by a young French make-up artist and hairdresser named Shana Allouch-Nadir. As an artist, Shana’s purpose revolved around the idea of combining art and candles.

The global pandemic and job insecurity was one of the major reasons for the creation of the company, but she also sought to create a company that respected the environment. Founder Shana Allouche-Nadir moved to London in 2019 and was already painting on the side of working in retail for a beauty brand, and she learned sculpting during makeup school.

Proud of her homemade creations, the 21-year-old entrepreneur’s company motto is: ‘Revival Senses is when art reaches your senses.’

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