‘Core:’ The Re-Imagined Retractable Ballpoint

Core’ is a ballpoint pen that challenges the norm; boasting a new, yet simple mechanism – beautifully crafted from durable materials, and unlike other pens, it can be refilled without any disassembly.

Designed with longevity at its’ centre by an award-winning design team, the Core pen from Andhand will stand the test of time, and is currently funding exclusively on Kickstarter until 1st October.

‘Core’ turns the traditional retractable pen on its head. Instead of multiple fiddly parts, Core has just two key components that slide beautifully over one another to change between the writing and retracting positions. It’s the easiest pen on the market to refill, requiring absolutely no disassembly, whatsoever. 

With longevity in mind, this premium pen is precision cnc machined from a high grade aluminium and takes the readily available D1 size refill for a lifetime of use and enjoyment.  

Core has been given the esteemed “Product We Love” status by Kickstarter.

The beautifully minimal look of the pen has been paired with an equally elegant minimal movement. Inspired by the classic craft knife, you can simply slide the pen as it satisfyingly clicks into position. It feels like you are not only holding a premium pen, but also a marvel of refined engineering in your hand.

Joe Wentworth and Simon Donald are not only the creators of Core, they are also the team behind many successful products for Joseph Joseph. 

They are three times winners of the esteemed Red Dot Design Award and have work featured in the permanent collection of the Design Museum London, so it’s right to say they have had a fair amount of practise before setting their sights on designing premium stationery.

Founder Simon Donald commented: “When we set about creating Core we went right back to the drawing board and questioned what does a retractable pen need to do? The answer was obvious – it needs to write well and retract well. We went from there and kept everything else as simple as we could.

He went on to say: “The design wasn’t without it’s challenges, this kind of thing is a first of its kind and there were many hurdles to overcome.

And: “The look of the pen is very familiar, but the mechanism defines its true character.

Core will initially be available in three colors: natural, slate and dull gold and is currently available from £45 through Kickstarter via pre-order. 

London-based award winning industrial designers Joe Wentworth and Simon Donald established Andhand as a result of their joint love of stationery and refined functional design. In 2020, they set about creating a brand that celebrates minimal form and timeless ingenuity, producing durable and honest products that are thoughtfully designed and made with precision.

With over 30 years of experience in product design between them and previous backgrounds in art and mechanical Engineering, Simon Donald and Joe Wentworth’s complementary skill sets provide Andhand with a distinct design approach.

Having founded the design consultancy Donald Wentworth over 7 years ago, working with a wide range of clients, Simon and Joe are well placed to feed Andhand with carefully designed products for many years to come.

To pre-order your andhand Core pen, head to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/andhand/core-a-durable-pen-with-retracting-core?ref=dzlg9j

Or check out their website here.