The Cherry Tree: The UK’s No.1 ‘Most Awarded Producers’ Of Chutneys, Preserves And Marmalade(s)

The Cherry Tree – the UK’s No.1 ‘most awarded producers’ of chutneys, preserves and marmalade’s, has added two new foods to their online web shop this February 2021, with a brand-new Platter Chutney and a Bloody Mary Chutney.

Their new Platter Chutney is The Cherry Tree’s most intense creation yet, crafted to pair perfectly with any cheese board or cold platter.

A dark and rich tomato base with onions and brown sugar is fused with intense hits of Coriander, Tamarind, Garlic, Ginger and more – for £4.50 a jar.

Dialing up the crunch and tang, intense and moody red in color, The Cherry Tree Bloody Mary Chutney fuses vodka with tomatoes, fresh celery, garlic, pepper and more to recreate this classic cocktail beloved the world over – for £4.50 a jar.

Artisan brand, The Cherry Tree, has been producing the finest Chutneys, Preserves, Marmalades and flavours to excite taste buds everywhere since 1997. All The Cherry Tree products are hand-cooked in small batches, using only the best ingredients and following traditional recipes. 

Trained by a fourth-generation master preserve maker, their team blends traditional methods with contemporary flavours, to create a truly unique taste experience.

Chris Braitch, the Head of Commercial said: 

These two new foods are a true labor of love for us. The Bloody Mary Chutney was inspired by a cocktail favourite in a special Dorset bar that’s close to our heart, I knew with our team’s skill we could bring all the best parts of a Bloody Mary together into a tangy, crunchy and spicy chutney. Perfect to cut-through the creaminess of cheese, or to stir into tomato-based cooking sauces or cream-based dips.”

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The Platter Chutney is the brainchild of one of the founders Mark, who wanted something really intense, dark and flavorsome that could work with all the foods you would typically put together on a sharing platter. 

Mark was previously the Director of Forest Products, along with Gavin Brooking, the other founder at The Cherry Tree. 

The Cherry Tree was a smaller regional brand started by Sarah Nias, who only had a couple of chutneys and sold at local markets.

She then started a partnership with Gavin and Mark who owned Forest Products, and together they grew the range under Cherry Tree with Sarah for a while in partnership, before eventually becoming one company under The Cherry Tree.

Cherry Tree chutney is fragrant with herbs and spices, slathering it on to cold meats, veggies, cheeses takes them to a whole new level, but it’s also a wonderful chutney to use in cooking, particularly with Lamb or roasted vegetables. 

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