STEEPS ONE SHOT: The Fiery Blend Of Organic Ingredients Your Body Needs

STEEPS ONE SHOT is a fiery blend of seven raw, natural, sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients: turmeric, ginger, chilli, garlic, onion and horseradish – all lovingly peeled, chopped and infused (‘steeped’) for 12 weeks, in Apple Cider Vinegar.

It’s a powerful ‘one-a-day,’ gut-friendly wellness shot that gets your metabolism and digestion firing on all cylinders, with the natural anti-inflammatory properties of the raw ingredients taking the heat off your immune system, and helping to keep those nasty bugs at bay. 

Jamie Baird, a London-based entrepreneur, personal trainer and the STEEPS ONE SHOT Founder, started making the product in 201, but he officially launched the STEEPS ONE SHOT in August 2020. 

When I stumbled on a recipe which had originated from the US in the 70s, I started making it in my garage. I was fascinated with the ingredients and their individual health benefits and I loved that I could combine them and benefit from all that goodness in one small shot,explained Jamie.

He added: ‘I don’t take myself seriously, but I do take my health seriously and as a freelance fitness trainer and a busy Dad to three kids I need to keep my immune system fully charged at all times. This has been my best kept secret and now two years later I’m really excited to share it with everyone.

Wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, keto and paleo-friendly, the STEEPS ONE SHOT is also chemical free with no preservatives, whatsoever. All you have to do, is shake it before drinking it, using the marked STEEPS shot glass to measure your required amount, 10ml, 20ml or 30ml.

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You can also mix it with drinks, and salads: shake it up and mix it with hot water, honey and lemon, and fire-up a tomato juice, or throw it over a salad.

STEEPS ONE SHOT is available in two different size bottles: 250ml, and 750ml, with the latter available to purchase as yearly and quarterly subscriptions.

Also available are:

  • The ‘On It’ Starter Pack, containing 1x 250ml bottles, 1x bottle of Organic tomato juice and 1x enamel cup, perfect for mixing (RRP £19.95).
  • And, the ‘Supercharged’ Starter Pack containing 2x 250ml bottles and a 1x STEEPS shot glass (RRP £24.90).

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