Bijoux de Chagall: The Handcrafted, Sustainable Jewellery Brand

Slow fashion and sustainable jewellery is proving to be hugely successful over at Bijoux de Chagall, with each piece made from precious metals (from 100% recycled sources), and with every gemstone being ethically sourced, with diamonds that are conflict-free.

A creative and skilled jewellery artist handcrafts each item of Bijoux de Chagall’s jewellery, with the natural lines of gemstone creating their own art, resulting in very unique designs. Their engagement rings, for instance – are made with love and care, using authentic, sustainably-sourced materials and magical gemstones.

Sustainability plays a crucial element throughout the entire production process at Bijoux de Chagall, as ONLY non-toxic products are used to make their products, along with recyclable materials and packaging.

A company spokesperson for Bijoux de Chagall proudly said: “We love what we do because sustainable living is very important to us. We want to show that we care about the materials we use to make our handcrafted jewellery and unique engagement rings.

Not only is Bijoux de Chagall experiencing increased sales, but they’ve also been featured in The Times, in the Weekend October 2019 edition, on its Green & Ethical page, which talked about some of the best companies to follow for sustainable products. 

One satisfied customer, Katarzyna, commented: “It makes you feel like your best friend made the ring for you. The opal in the middle of the ring shines in different colours as if there is magic inside. It is a masterpiece of precision with topaz stones giving a touch of personality. I’m in love.

The owner and designer of Bijoux de Chagall, Julia Shagal, started her small business 3 years ago from scratch. She started to learn everything she could about making jewellery, and her first conquest was rings. Since then, her business has continued to grow.

Julia explained: ‘I personally I also believe in magic, the magic of any artist which creates pieces using their imagination, skills, love and kindness and also the magic of our existence and nature!’

She also said:’Mixing Sunshine of Gold and Moonlight of Silver, using the difference in Textures and Magic of Gemstones – these are all my Secrets and Love I am sharing with you!” 

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