Pretty Serendipity: Handmade Silver Jewellery – Designed For Special Occasions

Dedicated and passionate about the quality of each one of their products, Pretty Serendipity provides handmade silver jewellery, – designed for special occasions (or events).

Founder, Rowena Shotton – launched Pretty Serendipity in 2016, in Northumberland, with the firm belief that handmade products/gifts, should always have a personal touch, hence the name, Pretty Serendipity.

Before launching Pretty Serendipity, Rowena previously launched an online gift boutique called Edora in 2010, with her husband. Through this, she gathered the inspiration to start Pretty Serendipity after receiving quite a few customer requests for sentimental, personalised gifts.

Rowena Shotton

The business relies solely on e-commerce sales, to which Rowena credits her Amazon Handmade storefront for generating awareness for the brand, and for helping the business find its’ footing at the beginning.

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Thanks to their Amazon presence, the business has been able to export their products globally, with 25% of their existing sales generated from Amazon. The company’s exponential growth has allowed the company to expand to a team of four people, and is now turning over 6 figures.

Rowena said: “Throughout the pandemic people have been coming to us for personal and sentimental gifts. We have been busier than ever as people are looking for personalised gifts to help people feel closer together.

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