Hytro Performance Launches The World’s First Blood Flow Restriction Strap, – Increasing Muscle Size and Recovery

Hytro Performance has launched its’ first ever TechWear, – a Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) strap, scientifically proven to not only increase your muscle size and strength, but also to accelerate your recovery.

BFR training is transforming the face of elite sport, and gym training. To perform BFR training, a strap is applied to the upper arms (or legs), and tightened. 

This allows oxygenated blood to flow into the limbs, whilst limiting the return flow, as ultimately – this increases muscle fibre activation, and up-regulates muscle-building hormones, leading to a rapid increase in muscle size and strength. 

What makes BFR truly special, is that widespread improvements (usually only seen when working at high intensities) can be achieved when working at just 30% of one rep max (or even body-weight), whilst passive BFR allows the user to relax whilst using BFR to accelerate recovery.

Countless studies have found that just two weeks of BFR training is enough to significantly increase muscle size, strength and power.

Hytro Performance’s TechWear takes the remarkable dual benefits of BFR, and packages them up in a simple, safe, and easy-to-use manner, using patented technology. Informed by science, and extensively tested by experts, their Performance TechWear is ideal for active or passive work, allowing the wearer to power up their training session, or boost their recovery. 

Made from a special material blend chosen for comfort, performance and longevity, it features an in-built strap that was finalised following a nine-month period of research and development. The strap is positioned in the perfect position to ensure a safe workout, and can be deployed in seconds – making BFR more accessible than ever before.

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Establishing Hytro in September 2019, Founder, Dr. Warren Bradley, who is an expert in performance nutrition, said:

At Hytro we maintain scientific integrity while pushing the boundaries of BFR research. BFR hasn’t yet made the jump from academia and elite sport to the general population, which is what started my work on Hytro. We want to bring BFR training and its benefits to the world, making the technique a staple in everyone’s training routine.

Hytro is already making its mark in elite sport, with the signing of England international rugby star Dan Norton, as an official Hytro athlete. 

Dan said: “We use BFR with the England Rugby 7s team and I have found Hytro Performance TechWear to be an outstanding training tool at home. The science on BFR speaks for itself and I have felt the immediate effects; what a pump! I’ll continue to use Hytro as I train towards the Olympics!

Find out more here: https://hytro.com