Hackney Gelato Launches the UK’s FIRST EVER ‘Hot Cross Bun Gelato,’ With Ocado

Hackney Gelato, the highly renowned makers of proper Italian gelato and sorbetto, has gotten together with Ocado.com, – to launch the UK’s FIRST EVER ‘Hot Cross Bun Gelato.’

Hackey Gelato first launched their Hot Cross Bun Gelato this time last year, back in March 2020 at the brink of a global lock-down, and people loved it, – especially their limited edition 1000 tub, which was a complete sell-out – to the extent that it picked up a Great Taste Star, but more importantly, it helped to put a smile on people’s faces during a gloomy and isolating time.

So, this year, Hackney Gelato and Ocado have teamed up to launch the UK’s FIRST EVER ‘Hot Cross Bun Gelato.’

First sold at Brick Lane’s Sunday market, word spread quickly, and Hackney Gelato Founders, Enrico Pavoncelli and Sam Newman were soon supplying their slow-churned gelato and sorbetto to many of London’s best restaurants. Impressively, six years on, Hackney Gelato has 22 Great Taste Stars attached to its repertoire, and is now served on the menus of Michelin-starred restaurants. 

They also supply shops, restaurants and living rooms across the nation, with a retail range available on Ocado, Waitrose, Whole Foods Market and Farmdrop, with Nigella Lawson being a big fan.

This limited-edition recipe is made by infusing fresh British milk with freshly toasted hot cross buns. Sultanas, candied fruit, and a good dollop of salted butter is added to creamy, slow churned gelato, to create a properly indulgent fusion of Italian technique and British flavour.

Slow churning is one of the things that distinguishes gelato from ice cream.

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It means that less air is incorporated into the mix, resulting in a smooth, dense, rich texture, without the iciness you typically get in ice cream. And because it’s made with more milk and less cream, gelato contains less fat than most ice creams. This allows the true taste of the ingredients to come through, creating deeper, more intense flavours.

If you want a proper Easter treat…” said flounder Enrico Pavoncelli, “order a tub from ocado.com and scoop it liberally on a freshly toasted hot cross bun. You will not be disappointed. But be quick though – our Hot Cross Bun Gelato is a limited edition and if last time is anything to go by it won’t hang around.

Chefs, Enrico Pavoncelli and Sam Newman Founded Hackney Gelato out of despair at the ice cream quality they encountered in London restaurants, and having been brought up in the mainland of exquisite food in Italy, they decided to bring game-changing results to the UK market.

And after touring Italy, and learning the secrets of their craft from the Master Gelatieri of Sicily, they returned to their East London Kitchen to create their gelato by hand.

Find out more here: https://www.hackneygelato.com