Premium Cycle-Wear Brand, ‘Fat Lad In The Back,’ Launches Their BRAND NEW ‘Bold Camo’ Collection

Leading, premium cycle-wear brand, ‘Fat Lad In The Back‘ (whom specialises in inclusive sizing) – has launched their bold and vibrant new Camo collection for lads and lasses, with a simple message: ‘life’s too short to blend in.’

Fat Lad At The Back – has made it their mission to dismantle the stereotypes and conventions of the cycling world. In doing so, they have realised how important it is to accept yourself the way you are, and to celebrate your uniqueness. 

Their values include being bold, and proud, – which trickles down into everything they do, including their gear. And, their new Camo collection is no exception to this: using vibrant colours, they have created a bold and energetic, yet wearable camouflage design, which contradicts the traditional use of camouflage. 

Available in both men’s and women’s, the collection boasts an range of jackets, jerseys and shorts, with a lightweight wind and water resistant jacket, with stretchy lycra side panels for ultimate fit. 

This transitional piece can also be scrunched up and popped in your jersey pocket if the sun comes out mid-ride, and the jersey is their ‘Fleet’ jersey which is one of their premium quality jerseys. The shorts and pedal pushers are made from top technical fabric, with padding to ensure optimum comfort.

Founded in 2013, Fat Lad In The Bag all began with a nickname. 

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Richard, their Co-founder, had always been called the ‘fat lad at the back’ as a term of endearment by his cycling mates, because he was never the conventional cyclist and he knew it, and so he wore the name with pride; knowing that fact. Although he might have been the’ fat lad at the back,’ he was still on the bike, and that’s all that mattered to him.

It became clear to Richard and Lynn (the Co-founders) that cycle wear wasn’t made for guys of Richard’s size, and he was constantly uncomfortable on his bike, so it occurred to them that if they couldn’t find any premium cycling gear in a plus-size and a comfortable fit, then it was highly likely that no one else could. And that’s where Fat Lad At The Back was conceived.

They took a ‘punt,’ and set up a brand that aimed to make premium and stylish cycle wear for everybody, no matter the size, and now the brand is successfully offering premium cycle wear to all cycling enthusiasts and fanatics. Their sales have grown over 223% over the summer due to lock-down, welcoming over 3,000 more riders into their community.

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