Finally. The World’s First Make Up Manual For Men, From War Paint

War Paint For Men, the men’s makeup brand that is completely disrupting the industry, has launched the World’s FIRST EVER makeup manual for men, courtesy of Daniel Gray. 

War Paint is certainly no stranger to us, here at Gramersi. Last year, we highlighted War Paint’s recent investment from True., and Danny Gray came on as a Gramersi VODcast guest. However, this time round, we are proud to announce the new launch of their new book, ‘Makeup For Men.’

The book is PACKED with practical tips, tricks and information, and it marks another important step on War Paint’s journey toward normalising makeup for men, for those who wish to wear it. 

The book will help men to feel comfortable trying on makeup, and it focuses on simple makeup techniques, with easy-to-follow steps for great results with minimum effort, from looking super-fresh on five hours sleep, to concealing a breakout for a big night out: regardless, this manual gives men the lowdown on what makeup can do. 

Packed full of interesting content, Makeup For Men includes: 

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  • The history of men’s makeup,
  • Tips and tricks for men’s skin prep and makeup,
  • A guide on tools to add to your kit,
  • Quick and simple how-to’s for makeup application,
  • And QR codes for step-by-step videos.

War Paint’s Dounder, Danny Gray, started using makeup at the age of 14 when he borrowed his sister’s concealer to cover his teenage spots, and he recognised the power of makeup products to boost confidence. 

In 2018, Danny founded War Paint, a game-changing makeup range designed for men, and he became an ambassador for men’s mental health, having suffered with body dysmorphia for most of his adult life. 

Speaking about the launch, Danny Gray said: “I’m so proud of this book, it’s a really personal landmark for me and I wish I’d had something like this to learn from. I hope it will give guys who are new to makeup the confidence and knowledge to apply makeup that helps them feel good. It covers everything you need to know to get started with makeup from the importance of SPF, to concealer tips that hide a hangover.”

Makeup For Men – The Manual From War Paint, retails for £13, and is available at: