When Lockdown Is Over, Treat Yourself To A Luxurious Outdoor Retreat In A ‘Lotus Belle’ Tent

With the prospect of lockdown ending soon, and summer approaching fast, Britons have never been more in need of a holiday, and Lotus Belle Tents UK are here to save the day.

Stay-cations and sustainability has been at the forefront of our minds when it comes to holidays this year, with many camping and glamping sites already fully booked up for 2021, and there doesn’t appear to be any signs of that stopping.

With that in mind, Lotus Belle has seen a HUGE rise in sales, ranging from independents who want to start up their own glamping sites, to those who are understandably desperate for a holiday, – whether that’s on land, overseas, or in the back garden.

Their tents are available in a range of sizes, from a 2-man tent – up to full Marquee size, with fully customisable interiors. These beautifully design products have already been supplied to the likes of Hoxton Hotel, Glastonbury, and a multitude of 5-star glamping sites around the world, including Moat Island Glamping.

2020 also saw the rise of people investing in hot tubs and alfresco spa facilities. The Lotus Belle tent makes a perfect repurposable extra, creating the whole spa experience in your garden, helping you to relax and recharge your batteries.

Lotus Belle was founded by British designer, Harriet Seddon – in 2012, and since the brand’s inception, it has gone on to represent the very essence of boutique camping, defining the Glamping movement, and transforming the landscape of festival VIP accommodation. 

Their flagship product is a unique canvas tent design, that boasts the portability and usability of a standard bell tent, whilst still maintaining the roomy luxuriousness of a yurt.

Lotus Belle Tents’ Founder, Harriet Seddon said: “Our Lotus Belle tents don’t have a central pole, can be put up by one person and have standing height across the whole footprint of the tent so if you want a normal size bed and wardrobe in there, you can absolutely do that. Add log burners, fur rugs to snuggle up to and fairy lights, you then have the ultimate in luxury camping.

She added: ‘Our designs mean that you can customise your interior as much as you like, one night you can have a movie night, the next a spa treatment or use as a home learning base for the kids.”

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But where did this all start?

Well. Harriet was born on a midsummer’s day in Oxford, but she grew up in the south-west of England, spending large parts of her childhood camping with her family and with Forest School Camps.

Resonating with the gypsy lifestyle, as a young teenager, she went to live in a tent throughout the summer months, and at 19, Harriet commenced her design degree, where she first drew the initial ideas for the ‘onion dome’ that later became known as the Lotus Belle tent.

I always wanted to be a tent designer from about 5 years old,’ recalls Harriet: ‘I spent my early childhood making camping furniture out of Meccano or bits of wood I found around the place, but I couldn’t work out what qualifications I would need to get a job with one of the big tent companies,’ she said.

Harriet put her project on hold for a few years whilst she had kids, and during this time, she engaged in a ‘sensible job,’ which entailed working as a textiles teacher in a secondary school in Weymouth. 

But her passion for tent making started to creep back in, and before you know it, she found herself encouraging students in her class to design and prototype one-man tents. She took her own advice, left teaching, and showed her designs to a tent manufacturer who introduced her to a factory where her first Lotus Belle prototype was made. 

From their first year of commercial production in 2012, Lotus Belle now has licensed distributorships in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the UK currently handling everywhere else.

Find out more here: www.lotusbelle.co.uk