Meet Moxi Loves: The Brand That Is Game-Changing The Beauty Industry With A ‘Clean And Clever’ Approach

Moxi Loves is the hottest name in the beauty industry right now, and it’s no surprise – with their innovative, water-less, ‘clean and clever’ innovations. The brand was set up with a clear mission in mind: to make travel beauty simple, fun and affordable.

Since launching, they’ve already scooped up an Image Beauty Award, and an Xposé Beauty Bible award.

Moxi Loves was built on Pamela Laird’s experiences growing up as a young girl/child. Her mother owned a beauty salon, and it didn’t take long before Pamela was completely (and understandably) immersed in a shiny, all-cosmetic environment, and this led to her lifelong obsession and passion for beauty.

Initially, Pamela started out in the nail industry 11 years ago, and nails quickly became her main talent (thanks to her mother’s salon). It wasn’t long before she started to pick up session jobs, and work on photo-shoots. For Pamela, the future was clear: beauty was the place she was meant to be in.

Just a few years ago, she recognised the opportunity to create something that could make a genuine difference, and so she set herself the goal of bringing about change to the beauty industry. And with this in mind, she became fully-focused on making great skincare products, and beauty hacks for the masses, and so – Moxi Loves was born (in 2016).

Founder, Pamela Laird

Some of Moxi Loves’ products include:

  • Barefaced cleanser-infused makeup removal pads,
  • Dry shampoo sheets (oil-absorbing rice powder sheets),
  • Eye catchers – cleansing and correcting buds (as seen on Dragon’s Den Ireland),
  • Moxi metal straws,
  • And powder pod cleansers (detoxifying powder face washes).

Not long after, Pamela’s determination brought her under the camera’s eye, and intense scrutiny on the most recent (15th) season of BBC’s infamous and iconic ‘The Apprentice,’ but despite not winning, Pamela walked out an impressive third to last, and she has since gone on to turn Moxi Loves into a fledgling enterprise, and she’s been featured in British Vogue.

Her innovative product range is now available in Boots, Ocado, Amazon, Dunnes, Cloud10 beauty, local/independent pharmacies, and is set to launch in Lloyd’s pharmacy and Rossmanns in Europe later on this year, as well as in Australia.

And Pamela is quite rightly proud of her achievements: ‘We have some really exciting new opportunities happening in Australia right now, and its made me realise just how amazing it will be to have my brand go global. It’s always been the big ambition and dream, but now it’s finally happening.’

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