smol Launches Their BRAND NEW Range Of Refillable, Concentrated Cleaning Sprays

High-performance cleaning brand, smol, – has just launched their BRAND NEW, innovative range of concentrated surface sprays (multi-purpose, bathroom and glass), that are refillable, – using a dissolvable tablet: eliminating the need for multiple single-use plastic bottles.

This exciting new launch comes just months after the launch of their animal fat-free conditioner, where existing customers were able to pre-order the new, Leaping Bunny certified cleaning sprays from October 2020 onward(s).

smol’s cleaning sprays come in a three pack: multi-purpose, bathroom and glass. Customers will initially receive a starter pack, which contains three bottles-for-life, and three dissolvable tablets. 

Their refill kits contain six tablets that customers can simply dissolve using tap water, in their bottle-for-life. Each bottle is conveniently colour-coded with a silicon grip for ease of use: orange for multipurpose, aqua for bathroom, and purple for glass.

The plastic bottles-for-life are made using post-consumer recycled plastic (and are fully recyclable), and their refill packs are sent using 100% plastic-free packaging. The sachets that hold the unique smol dissolvable cleaning tablets are also plastic free, and are completely home-compostable too.

smol’s uniquely concentrated formula reduces transport, avoids the need for plastic bottles, and provides a powerful performance when compared to other cleaning brands. Like all smol products, the sprays are cruelty free, Leaping Bunny certified, and vegan.

smol launched in March 2018. The founders – Nick and Paula struggled to find a laundry detergent that was both eco-friendly, and performant. They found that the ‘laundry industry had barely innovated in 100 years,’ and so they decided to create a brand dedicated to just that.

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Since launching, smol’s arrival on the homecare scene has completely changed the game. The online brand now provides the world’s most effective and powerful concentrated laundry,  dish-wash and household cleaning products, delivered straight to your door, in a convenient, eco-friendly way, without compromising on quality/strength.

Paula Quazi, a Co-founder at smol, said:

“We launched smol to take the hassle out of washing, for families whose laundry needs have been ignored for decades. We want(ed) to give everyday people like us one less thing to worry about, whilst keeping a keen focus on sustainability and affordability.

Now, with hundreds of thousands of customers, over two million washes a week, and more than 20,000 5-star reviews, it’s no wonder why smol is already the fastest growing cleaning brand in the UK.

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