GIVING BACK: Dr.PAWPAW Has Donated 125,000 Products To Front-line Workers

Dr.PAWPAW has donated 125,000 products to front-line workers throughout each national lock-down, which began in March 2020. Each time, the skincare brand responded quickly – to make a difference. 

Dr.PAWPAW is no stranger to Gramersi readers. Previously, we covered their pioneering cosmetic movement, along with the launch of their brand new overnight lip mask.

The increased need for PPE, excessively long hours, and tireless work – has taken it’s toll on the nation’s key workers, and Dr.PAWPAW’s skin balms and hand-creams have made a real difference in soothing and nourishing the hands, skin and lips of the nation. 

The Dr.PAWPAW front-line initiative has been open to ALL front line workers, from our incredible NHS, to our teachers, to our retail workers, and let’s not forget about our carers. The initiative consisted of TWO FREE PRODUCTS to be claimed via the Dr.PAWPAW website.

As well as this – Dr.PAWPAW contributed in the thousands – to multiple individually run sampling initiatives across the country – to supply products that were really needed by those working around the clock in unprecedented circumstances. Sampling was expanded to front-line health services with distribution partners in Greece, Latvia and the US. 

Furthermore, In Belarus, Dr.PAWPAW contributed both through product and financial aid – to support in providing medicines for an orphanage which was struggling to look after the children in their care as a direct result of the COVID- 19 impact. 

Johnny and Pauline Paterson, (Dr.PAWPAW’s Founders) commented:

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“We did all we could do. The response has been incredible from front-line workers who have really benefited from our products.To know that we have helped not only nourish and soothe tired and sore skin, lips and hands but also given so many a pick me up when they needed it most and put so many smiles on peoples faces during this terrible time has been really humbling.’

And more than one front-line worker has shared their relief and enthusiasm for the products that brought them even the tiniest bit of relief, whilst facing the dreadful situation of pandemic.

One front-line worker shared: “These products are incredible. After working 12 hours on the wards during this time my hand and face have become quite chapped.’

Demi, who works for the NHS, said: “I’m a key worker working for the NHS and my lips have been so dry from being run down with lack of sleep. I love Dr.PAWPAW and I’m so grateful for the freebies they have given out for us key workers.

And front-line worker Amy O’callaghan said, ‘it’s little things like this that help us carry on. As a key worker I really appreciate the generosity of Dr.PAWPAW giving away my favourite lip product as a little thank you.’

Dr.PAWPAW will continue to support both the NHS, and front-line workers – with an ongoing 50% discount available over at, with the discount codes, NH50 and FRONTLINE50.