‘Intelligent Tanning’ Brought To The Masses By UGlow Tanning Water

uGlow Tanning Water is set to game-change the beauty market, by bringing ‘intelligent tanning’ to the masses after a decade of rigorous development. 

The Tanning Water is a fuss and mess-free way for people to give a natural glow to their skin, designed to stand apart from the crowd.

The product has several advantages over many other tanning products:

  • It’s liquid formula prevents any risk of transfer to clothes, and allows make-up to be cleanly applied over the top.
  • It’s Odour Neutralising Technology ensures that it has none of the smell typically associated with fake tans, and as it is fragrance-free, so perfumes can be worn with it, as well.
  • The hyaluronic acid within the product counteracts the drying effect often seen with fake tan products that contain DHA.
  • Tailored colour intensity means that uGlow works with individual skin tones with ease, no matter how experienced the user is with tanning.
  • And finally, the product is vegan-friendly, containing absolutely no animal or animal-based products.

Intended for all ages, uGlow has gained fantastic feedback from women all the way up to their 70’s. 

Founder Louise Cooper – has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She has owned 4 beauty salons and 2 beauty training academies. As a successful entrepreneur, she started uGlow as a side business in 2009, named ‘Healthy Glow’ back then, which was a mobile spray tan party business that grew much bigger than she expected.

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Based on her business model, she won the ‘Entrepreneur For The North Of England’ award, and she started to research and establish that a colour guide was actually not required to give a spray tan, and that colour guide never dried, so it would cause the transfer of tan to clothes and bedding.

uGlow was the result of her research, and her professional range was launched in 2019, having been recently featured in Tatler Magazine and Luxuria Lifestyle International for Mother’s day, right alongside Dior.

Louise Cooper, founder of uGlow Tan, said: ‘I have spent ten years researching and creating a lifestyle product that gives us our glow. I am very proud of uGlow Tanning Water; it really is the intelligent way to tan and is the future of the self tan market.

For more information on uGlow Tanning Water, visit: https://www.uglowtan.com