Kidunk Launches Their BRAND NEW Eco-Friendly Outdoor Kid’s Range (Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles!)

With Kidunk’s BRAND NEW eco-range, kids can now splash, dunk, jump and play across ALL seasons, with the launch of the brand’s revolutionary new protective outdoor gear – made entirely from recycled plastic bottles!

In the not too distant past, we covered Kidunk’s partnership with Caudwell LymeCo – that aimed to help tackle Lyme’s disease. And now, the brand is BACK with their revolutionary new eco-friendly protective outdoor kid’s clothing range.

With trips abroad off the cards for the time being, many families are now exploring their local areas and planning ‘stay-cations,’ meaning that they are forced to contend with the quite often – brutal British weather, made up of wind, rain and mud.

Kidunk’s signature range of all-weather protective gear is relaunching under a new generation of cutting-edge eco-fabric, which best utilises 2021 eco-tech. This sharp move means that your little eco-warriors can now make their own positive impact on the environment, by wearing  Kidunk gear – as they play outdoors. 

The bottles we recycle from juice, squash and ketchup – is taken to a recycling facility where they are cleaned and shredded into plastic pellets. These plastic pellets are then spun into a yarn, which is then woven into the durable, comfortable fabric that Kidunk’s eco gear is made from. 

Furthermore, the smart eco fabric is 100% breathable, and is coated with Teflon EcoElite™ – a plant-based water repellent, and the brand’s tops and trousers have ingenious zips so that they can be zipped together to make an all-in-one, – to ensure that no puddles get inside the Kidunk clothing – also reducing the risk of them catching Lyme’s disease. 

Available in three colourways – forest, ink and plum: each Kidunk set consists of a hooded top and zip on trousers, packed with clever little design features to make kids comfortable, and parents happy.  

With the launch of this new range, Kidunk are also launching a brand new partnership with 1% for the planet – as they seek to take responsibility for their environmental legacy and making their money matter, by putting it to work in the hands of approved non-profit partners. 

This new partnership will support Kidunk’s passion for protecting the environment, and it enables them to make practical change(s).

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Kidunk is a brand that is passionate about using tech and nifty design to support kids in the great outdoors, which is why they have been recognised via a number of industry awards, and are working in partnership with organizations such as The Outdoor Guide and Caudwell Lyme Charity Co, and Kidunk kits can also be found in Forestry England, and in The Lake District National Park sites. 

Kidunk came to light via Tina and Phill Knight, and Lisa Joyce FRSA. Lisa, an award-winning designer, developer and creator of baby and kids products, sat on the board at the Gro Company for 5 years (along with working for other world successful brands in her sector), before being approached in 2015 by Tina and Phill – to design play proof clothing. And in 2017, the team founded Kidunk.

Tina and Phill ran nurseries for over 30 years, and they wanted to provide clothing that protected young children during water and muddy play, particularly as education was moving outdoors. 

The team held focus groups to understand the pain points of dressing young children for this sort of activity, and it turned out the biggest issue was not getting the kids outside, – it was getting them dressed or rather undressed quickly.

Co-founder Lisa said: ‘We started Kidunk with the intention of protecting kids during play so they could get on with their important stuff! It was always our goal to do that in the most responsible way possible, but we need to make sure we had genuine accredited recycled materials and in the right quality too. We’re so proud to be launching a collection for today’s children to enjoy, and for the benefit of the next generation too.’

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