Day: 17 March 2021

What Can The Retail Industry Do To Reduce Unemployment?

As we all know, Arcadia’s Topshop and Topman is the most recent significant victim of the high street, with its recent acquisition by ASOS and boohoo Рcreating a total job loss of 13,000 in the UK.

Biotiful Launches Their BRAND New Range of Kefir Yogurts

Biotiful has just unveiled their BRAND NEW, delicious range of kefir yogurts. The move follows on from the launch of their popular Kefir shots, which helps to boost your gut-health and immune system.

Mel Sims: COVID Business Advice

For this week’s Gramersi ADVICEcast, we asked Mel Sims from Mooze to offer her advice on how businesses can thrive and stay on top during COVID.

Alice Holloway: Mumpreneur Business Advice

For this week’s Gramersi ADVICEcast episode, we asked Alice Holloway from The Little Black Pants Club (LBP Club) to share her top tips on how mums can start out (and succeed) in business.