Laura See London: The Luxury Woman’s Shoe Brand That Captures The Essence Of Freedom

Hand-crafted in Italy, and made from high-quality leathers, the exciting new Laura See London collection takes inspiration from a mix of art, prints, textures, metallics and vivid colours, and seeks to convey a sophisticated, yet playful range – that captures the essence of freedom.

Laura See London came to life during the first COVID lock-down, thanks to Founder, Laura – who designed the shoe collection herself, with the first sample due to arrive at the end of March.

Her brand new range of luxury shoes are handmade in Italy, and are designed to take you from the conference room to the cocktail bar.

Why should wearing a beautiful shoe forgot comfort or vice versa?” Said Laura: “I wanted to create a brand that represents positivity, confidence and versatility, and for this to be reflected in the women who wear these styles.

Laura’s designs – which often features her own artwork – takes inspiration from a mix of art, prints, textures, metallics and vivid colours: a sophisticated, yet playful range that captures the essence of freedom, with a distinctive hummingbird motif featured on the base of each shoe.

As a lover of nature, Laura doesn’t want to create just another ‘product for profit,’ so she considers sustainability within every style, from using off-cuts of materials of previous seasons’ fabrics – to sourcing accessories using environmentally friendly products. Each element is carefully considered.

Laura See London’s shoes are made with real leather from the food chain in a timeless style, so that you can wear them over and over again. 

Laura said: “I’ve had shoes for 15 years and I still wear them. The only way forward is to change our mindset – to buy quality that lasts, giving us true value for money.’’

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From a young age, Laura always had a passion for shoes and a love of art and design, and through working in various creative sectors/roles, she felt like something was missing, and that she wasn’t fulfilling/following her true artistic passions in life.  

It was a tragic event that triggered the birth of the Laura See brand, with Laura’s husband passing away only five months after getting married. During these emotional times, Laura found herself sketching as a therapeutic pastime, and she kept revisiting the things she loved as a child: shoes. 

Re-evaluating her life, she gave up her 15-year-long career in architectural design to move to Italy on a part scholarship, studying shoe design at the famous Istituto Marangoni on a footwear design course. 

Upon graduation, Laura completed a short internship in Italy with IDEE Partners – a prototype producer for the luxury footwear and accessories industry. With her usual fearlessness, she decided it was all in or all out: the time had come to unleash her designs into the world.

As an innovative designer, Laura has already given interviews about her experiences, and her brand with the Talented Ladies Club and the Inspired Narrative podcast.

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