Annli’Co: Natural Skincare Products Powered By Peaches, Seaweed and Lavender

Annli’Co is a skincare brand that specialises in products that use(s) ONLY – organic, natural ingredients, such as: plant-based collagen, seaweed, peach/cherry extract, aloe vera, lavender and hyaluronic acid.

Starting with their eye masks, Annli’Co’s unique products are formulated to reduce puffiness in the delicate eye area(s), whilst promoting the body’s natural store of elastin, which is essential for firm, wrinkle-free, healthy skin. Thus, the brand developed two eye masks based entirely around the natural benefits of peaches and seaweed.

The skin has its own metabolism, and peaches are known to have a positive impact on optimal maintenance of its’ metabolic rate. Peaches also contain potassium, vitamins B1, B2, C, and E, and niacin and pectin, – which calms and moisturises the skin, providing anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial benefits/qualities.

Annli’Co’s Peach Extract Eye Mask brings all the benefits of the peach directly to the sensitive under-eye area, giving an instantly cooling effect, reducing puffiness, and encouraging naturally great skin.

Their seaweed choice is due to its’ ancient propriety to remedy sensitive skin in need of repair. Known in the beauty industry as an antioxidant, exfoliant, hydrator and brightener, seaweed has become a popular ingredient in luxury face creams.

The Annli’Co Seaweed Eye Mask has been formulated with a combination of carefully selected ingredients to compliment the healing power of seaweed, with a high concentration of stable collagen and hyaluronic acid work in balanced harmony with the seaweed to give the under-eye area the restorative repair that it craves.

In addition to the eye area, Annli’Co has also created an all-over clay face mask, featuring the finest natural Kaolin clay to reduce inflammation and smooth the skin, along with natural Bentonite – which gently absorbs excess sebum and unwanted bacteria.

The brand also uses lavender oil, which is widely recognised for its anti inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, which can help draw out toxins, and protect, restore and promote your skin’s natural barrier.

Hence, combined with Kaolin Clay and Bentonite, the Annli’Co Lavender Clay Mask is the perfect remedy for relieving the symptoms of eczema, acne or simply calming down irritated skin.

Finally, Annli’Co has created a premium moisturising lip mask that can help to maintain healthy plump lips, containing hyaluronic acid and plant-based collagen, and like the other products in the range, it is 100% vegan and free of damaging parabens and sulphates.

Annli’Co was founded in 2019, by entrepreneur sisters Ana and Liliana Cotelea from Moldova who moved to London 7 years ago.

Ana had previously obtained a Accounting with Finance Degree from the University of Ulster, and she spent 3 years working in the Finance world, and continues to do so as a part-time Finance Administrator for a tech startup. 

Her sister, Liliana, – is in her 2nd year at the University of Greenwich, studying Business and Management, and both sisters created the skincare range out of inspiration from their grandmother, who advocated the idea that good skin care is like nutritional food. 

As they developed their first product (the Collagen Eye Mask with Seaweed Extract), word quickly spread from friends to strangers, and the sisters realised that there was a demand for wholly natural and organic effective skincare brand, and so they took ‘the jump.’ Since 2019, they have worked hard to carefully formulate new products that help women and men.

Lock-down and working from home has given the sisters the opportunity to focus more on their brand, and they’ve since managed to add 3 new products to their range, and thanks to their tireless efforts, their sales went up, and their Instagram followers increased to over 10K in 2 months.

Their initial Cherry Collagen Lip Mask was marketed as a limited edition product, with only 500 units in stock, and it sold out in 2 weeks, following many positive reviews and emails from customers, asking when it will be back in stock. It also became part of the ‘Top 10 Lip Masks by UK Best Reviews,’ and won “Amazon’s Choice Badge,” on Amazon.

Ana said: ‘It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you never stop. But try to accomplish your goals and aspirations. ‘

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