Afia’s Samosa Shop: Wheat + Gluten-Free Samosas – Now Delivered Nationwide

Family + female-owned business, Afia’s Samosa Shop – has just announced the launch of their brand new nationwide delivery service, which means that health-conscious samosa lovers across the nation can now enjoy their wheat and gluten-free samosas, wherever they are.

Perfect for a family night in around the dinner table, – with delicious food that everyone and anyone can enjoy together, Afia’s Samosa Shop boasts a delicious food range, including handmade Indian subcontinent traditional samosas (in light, crispy pastry), spicy pakoras, fabulous flatbreads, scrumptious curries, and chutneys. 

The family-inspired favourites include wheat and gluten free options, and vegetarian, vegan and LowFODMAP alternatives, – all freshly frozen without any added preservatives. Their wheat and gluten-free (WGF) handmade pastry comes with a taste and texture that rivals other traditional wheat pastries, meaning that those with intolerances can safely indulge.

Additionally, the company also makes homemade pakora and Indian pickles (Achar), with each product made (where possible) with locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients from the Midlands, and hand-made with home cooking methods.

Their wheat and gluten-free samosas are made from a pastry that closely mimics the traditional wheat flour pastry. Created by mother-daughter duo, Rukhsana and Afia, Afia’s Samosa Shop first came to life in 2009, with their first Farmers Market appearance at Brindley Place in Birmingham.

The journey started from Rukhsana’s kitchen as an experiment, selling fresh homemade samosas with traditional vegetables, chicken and lamb, that were wheat and gluten-free. At the time, Rukhsana was working as a Home Care Assistant.

Because Afia’s mother, Rukhsana, – has Coeliac Disease (which means that she is intolerant to the protein gluten found in many food ingredients, such as wheat (bread, biscuits, cakes, and pastry), oats, and barley, it is with no surprise that their homemade samosas were created and cooked without those ingredients, and in 2014, Afia discovered that she is also intolerant to wheat and gluten.

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Afia said: “We’re so proud to be the official brand to bring wheat and gluten free artisan traditional pastry samosas to the UK market. As the UK continues to demonstrate a strong interest in food designed to appeal to those with specialist dietary requirements, as well as trialling new ethnic products which offer a credible heritage and authenticity, Afia’s samosa brand has evolved to meet these demands.”

Despite the fact that her mother, Rukhsana has played a pivotal role in the business (and continues to do so), Afia explains that she has maintained her refusal to become a directorial part of the company:

My mother has never been a director, share-holder or an employee of the business. She refused to be. She’s with me as a concerned mother, at pain seeing me struggle to recruit suitable staff, and working extremely long hours.’

Now, over a decade since launching, Afia’s samosas proudly sit with multiple awards, such as the Great Taste Awards 2013 and 2018, the Innovation + Excellence Awards 2018, and the Good Choice Quality Food Award 2016, to name just a few.

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