Hytro Performance Is Launching The First Ever Study Into Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) With QMUL

Hytro Performance, the TechWear brand that recently launched the first ever blood flow restriction (BFR) strap (proven to not only increase muscle size and strength, but also fasten its’ recovery), – is launching the first ever blood flow (BFR) restriction study, using its’ product.

Hytro has been previously been featured in Gramersi, thanks to its’ unique technology, which is set to revolutionise the exercise and sports sectors, and now, the brand continues to disrupt the market with its’ upcoming scientific study into its blood flow restriction (BFR) training, using Hytro TechWear, and performed by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). 

Now, more than ever, – Hytro believes that it is vitally important to explore the capability of BFR, so that scientific literature can evolve even further, and their joint study with QMUL will therefore seek to determine the safety, feasibility and efficacy of Hytro TechWear.

Overseen by Dr. Brad Neal of QMUL, the study will be run by two fourth year QMUL medical students for a six-week period, and they’ll monitor the progress of 30 participants (15 males and 15 females), who have never used BFR before, and who will undergo two Hytro BFR training sessions a week.

Testing will take place to assess changes in strength and muscle mass, which will include one rep max, handheld dynamometer readings, jump tests and maximum press-up and air squats. Alongside those tests, physical measurements such as body mass, height, muscle cross sectional area and body composition will be carried out, as well.

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Hytro’s Founder, Dr. Warren Bradley said:

BFR Research is well established and the research is robust, however the increased utility of Hytro has opened up new areas for research. Our thinking is continuously evolving as we develop relationships with academic institutions and BFR experts across the globe. We aim to pioneer the BFR research space with Hytro – making BFR an accessible way to train, recover, and rehabilitate. We are thrilled to support QMUL.”

Find out more about Hytro here.