Gaming Chair Specialists, Andaseat Launches Extra-Large Gaming Tables

Professional seating specialists, Andaseat (who have previously manufactured race car seats, and have partnered with the most prestigious brands in the sports and e-sports field), have just announced the launch of two brand new gaming desks: the 55″ Eagle 1400, and 47″ Masks. 

Andaseat’s new desks feature: multi-functional storage capabilities, carbon-fibre texture table-tops (which are skid-proof and wear-resistant, and utilise a strong carbon steel framework), and are able to hold plenty of weight. The stylish, carbon-fibre texture PB table top (P2 criteria) featured on both desks, – stands out for its’ durability and elegance, – the perfect surface for next-generation gaming, with mice-tracking capabilities.

Both desks are strong enough to hold a maximum load of up to 330lbs, and are toughened up with cold rolled carbon steel framework. They’re also firmed up with a killer combination of robust load-bearing(s), and an innovative structural design, making them more stable than their competitors, – enabling gamers to play more accurately, and focus on what’s more important – gaming.

The sleek Eagle 1400 computer table comes with an extra-large gaming surface, featuring a 55″ length, and a 23″ width, whilst the Masks table includes a large 47″ length, and a 23″ width desk space. 

Featuring plenty of storage to keep the area(s) both tidy and organised, each desktop comes with a multi-functional cable box, a cup holder and a headphone holder to keep the surface as neat as possible, and the multicoloured LED ambient lights glow and change, – to create a fully-immersive gaming experience.

Andaseat was founded in 2007, by CEO Zhou Lin, a former engineer, – who specialised in manufacturing race car seats and sports seats. The brand quickly became the exclusive chair sponsor of China’s national football team and national volleyball team, making it an indispensable brand in sport.

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Founder, Lin – is a game fanatic himself, but he prefers mobile games, and this is the reason why he sought to disrupt and revolutionise the gaming chair field. He quickly realised that most gamers need(ed) a professional gaming chair for a fully-immersive experience, and for healthy-sitting.

As e-sports has grown as an industry, Andaseat quickly shifted/pivoted towards gaming chairs, offering game hobbyists and professionals a healthier and comfortable gaming experience, gradually moving towards becoming the world’s leading gaming chair supplier.

Andaseat’s range of products are highly regarded and recognised by top professionals of the video game industry, and this includes many e-sports teams, such as: Fnatic, LGD, AHQ Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five and OMG.

Andaseat’s Founder, Zhou Lin said: ‘we aim to provide professional, durable and ergonomic chair offerings that empower gamers to benefit from this technology.’

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