SB LUX: A Luxurious, Vegan Friendly, Premium-Quality Makeup And Skincare Range

Online boutique, SB LUX, – specialises in luxurious, vegan-friendly, premium-quality products, such as: makeup, skincare, jade rollers, false lashes, + nails. 

Launched at the brink of the COVID19 pandemic in early 2020 (by Founder Serena), – SB Lux is a labour of love, – the seeds of which were sown at a very young age. A long-term passion of Serena’s has been all things beauty, well-being, spiritual and sensual.

Serena said: ‘I believe that each one of us is unique in our own special way, endowed with an ethereal persona, and an inner beauty, which can often remain suppressed. At SB Lux, we are dedicated to informing, inspiring and uplifting our customers through a holistic focus on mind, body, soul, and human spirit.

SB LUX’s range of beauty and well-being products are made from only the highest-quality ingredients, are fully EU-compliant, cruelty-free and (mostly all) vegan. Her products have been designed specifically to help customers relax and pamper themselves.

Growing up at a young age, Serena and her friends were obsessed with the Spice Girls – not only for their ‘feel good’ music, but also for the strong ‘Girl Power’ message that they portrayed, which is exactly what Serena has always been drawn to, and believed in. And this is precisely what she sought to create: a similar network/community that focused on empowerment, self-love and uplifting others.  

After school, Serena studied Business Management and Marketing at Uni.

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Moving 5 hours away from home and living by the sea was a ‘blissful experience’ for her, and after graduating, – she decided to step out of her comfort zone and take a huge risk by focusing all of her energies on setting up her own business. Starting out with just a blank sheet of paper, no savings and no team, the journey to visualising and implementing her business has been a huge achievement for her.

In terms of success stories so far, Serena has managed to negotiate with multiple domestic and international suppliers, and she has successful raised funding from a financial institution. To follow on from here, Serena has also managed to build a highly engaged (and loyal) customer base.

However, the thing that has surprised her the most is the sheer number of (returning) male customers, who have bought her products not only as gifts, but they’ve also invested in her skincare products for their own use, not to mention a huge surge in US sales, which now represents roughly 10% of her business.

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