Day: 7 April 2021

Naughty Water Launches It’s Vodka-Based, Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Sparkling Alcoholic Water

Naughty Water has launched its BRAND NEW low-calorie, vegan friendly and gluten-free sparkling alcoholic water for health-conscious hedonists, which is deliciously vodka-based.

Super-food Skincare Brand, ‘Beauty Cleanse,’ – Is Crowdfunding To Launch Their Brand New Face-Mask

Beauty Cleanse Skincare, the London-based vegan and ‘minimalist’ skincare startup, – is seeking to raise funds through by 1st May 2021, – to help fund their innovative new super food-powered, multi-purpose face mask.

Newcastle Skincare Startup, Nursem – Has Donated Hand-Creams To Over 175,000 Nurses + Midwives

Nursem, the Gosforth-based (Newcastle) skincare brand (which was developed by a nurse – for nurses, – to counteract the harsh effects of constant hand-washing), – has donated hand cream(s) to over 175,000 nurses and midwives as part of their Nursem Promise pledge/scheme.

Tara Lalvani On Tej: His Business Advice

For this week’s Gramersi ADVICEcast episode, Dr Tara Lalvani talks about what business lessons she’s learned from her Dragon-husband, Tej Lalvani, – and how this has helped her in her own business, Beautifect.