Costume Design Brand, LOLO CREATIVE Launches Their BRAND NEW Men’s Candle Collection, – LX Lab

Corporate costume-design experts, LOLO CREATIVE has launched a sensual new brand for men, called ‘LX Lab,’ and their debut product launch includes luxury candles, with underwear and socks expected to follow soon.

There are eight designer candles to choose from in the brand new LX Lab range, – coming with two bespoke designed colourways to fit both your daytime and your night-time needs: subtle sporty grey, – with a surprising splash of vibrant red (for AM), or a sleek matte black glass vessel, with a flash of hot magenta (for PM). 

Each candle comes with a 40-hour burn time, and is uniquely blended, with masculine fragrances paired with evocative names, such ‘Steamy Shower,’ ‘Men in Suits,’ and ‘Walk of Shame,’ – with the main scent(s) consisting of citrus, vanilla, cologne and leather.

LX Lab provides a truly indulgent, affordable luxury experience, with all products being high-quality, and they’re made in the UK. The candles are perfect for treating yourself or a partner, and can become a staple for day and night self-care routines.

LX Lab was born from Laurent Guinci, – the CCO of LOLO Creative, a costume-design brand.

Laurent has worked on various high-profile projects in the past, ranging from Hollywood movies, to James Bond, to Harry Potter (thanks to the award-winning costume designer, Jany Temime), – to epic global attractions for Warner Bros and Universal.

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Combining his experience with his passion for self-care, and inspired by a lack of sensual male products on the market, Laurent decided to create a candle collection specifically tailored for men.

“All of the candles are stimulating, manly and bewitching. There’s not a hint of floral in the narrative. We spent a lot of time perfecting the scents to make sure that everything was virile. Each candle comes with an individual he-story to set the mood. Candles have never felt so hot before,” said Laurent.

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