Day: 12 April 2021

Treat Yourself To A Delicious Homemade Delicacy, With Mon Dessert’s DIY Dessert Kits

Mon Dessert is set to satisfy new and existing customers, with their new, delightful, themed DIY-dessert-kits, that include(s) a wide range of delicious ‘desserts’ to choose from, plus various ways to buy them.

Aqua + Rock Launches Their Brand New, Sustainable Fashion Collection

Aqua + Rock has launched their brand new sustainable collection, along with a complete website revamp/overhaul.

The Beautifect Tour With Tara Lalvani

For this week’s Gramersi PRODUCTcast episode, Dr Tara Lalvani gives us a virtual tour of the Beautifect makeup box, and its’ features.