Aqua + Rock Launches Their Brand New, Sustainable Fashion Collection

Aqua + Rock has launched their brand new sustainable collection, along with a complete website revamp/overhaul.

The new 2021 collection sees the return of some of the brand’s most loved sustainable shirts and dresses, and introduces their first sustainable coats, including a jet black cocoon coat (made from recycled wool), a blue trench coat (made from organic cotton), and a tailored camel coat (made from a recycled wool and a cashmere blend). 

The new collection is complimented by a strong colour palette, inspired by earthy tones, featuring some of Pantone’s stand-out shades: Goblin Blue, Toasted Coconut and Riviera. It also features a selection of premium leather pieces.

Aqua + Rock has been working with their factories in Italy to develop a bio-circular fashion business model.

This model supports local organic farming, by using leather waste that is a by-product of the food industry. This leather waste then goes through their ‘Ecotan’ process, creating chrome-free leather, and due to the Ecotan process, the leather is then safe to be put back into the ground as a natural organic fertiliser. This helps to feed the livestock on the organic farms. The process then starts again.

During the many hurdles of the pandemic, Aqua + Rock are extremely proud of their continued development into new sustainable fabrics, enhancing their eco-friendly business model and adding new custom pieces to their growing collection(s). The brand is also delighted to be able to provide a new premium collection for customers within their bio-circular fashion model.

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Dea Baker is the mastermind behind Aqua + Rock, which was launched back in February 2019. Currently in Scotland, Dea studied the History of Art at London University and before starting her brand, she was a B2B banking marketing consultant.

Her knowledge in banking and B2B marketing has helped her to build strong relationships with B2B retailers. Dea took Aqua + Rock to her/their first B2B wholesaler event at Olympia London called Pure London back in July of 2019, and she has since launched Aqua + Rock in a New York luxury store, and into stores in Germany and Switzerland.

The brand was also announced as a finalist at the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards, 2021.

Dea’s motto is simple: ‘One person can make a difference, but together we can make a change.’

To shop their brand new sustainable collection, head to: