Treat Yourself To A Delicious Homemade Delicacy, With Mon Dessert’s DIY Dessert Kits

Mon Dessert is set to satisfy new and existing customers, with their new, delightful, themed DIY-dessert-kits, that include(s) a wide range of delicious ‘desserts’ to choose from, plus various ways to buy them.

To date, the brand has received masses of praise for their innovative DIY dessert kits, packed with simple-to-use instructions, pre-weighed ingredients, and an inarguable Instagram-friendly aesthetic. 

Their Baked Doughnut Kits have been an absolute hit with customers from the start. Their other kits include: a Tarte Au Citron kit, a Hot Cross Bun Kit, a Baked Alaska Kit, a Creme Brulée kit, and many other delicacies.

With a wide range of gift-subscriptions and personal-subscriptions available, – along with the opportunity to buy stand-alone kits, Mon Dessert will delight both taste buds and minds, with their delicious selection of delectables.  

Mon Dessert came to light thanks to Samina Courtin in 2016, whose food journey has been a unique voyage of self-discovery and teaching, that has led her to become an expert in her craft.  

A born-and-bred Londoner with Pakistani parents, her mother was an ‘expert cook,’ and from a young age, her mother passed on her food knowledge and passion to her daughter. If desserts were needed, Samina would be asked to contribute, and this is where her passion and talent for food began.

Marrying a french man opened her eyes to French patisserie, and Samina started to train with the top chef, Raymond Blanc, – in his pastry kitchen at Le Manoir aux quat’ Saisons, leaving behind her career in digital marketing, and pursuing her true passion: sweetness. She then went on to launch Mon Dessert in 2016.

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Samina said: ‘We are constantly striving to make Mon Dessert the most innovative and sustainable dessert-making kit company out there. It has been so rewarding to see our hard work pay off, to watch the company grow, and to see our customers create such amazing desserts whilst having so much fun – which is what it’s all about, really! It’s a very exciting time for us.”

The company is also actively working on their sustainable vision, by minimising packaging. They’re looking into the best way(s) to be green. On top of this, they aim to source natural food colourings wherever possible, and their macaron kits contain no gluten, but traces may be present through manufacturing. Vegan and gluten free lines are also available.

The brand initially launched in Fortnum & Mason and Harrods, and sell its products through their own website, as well as on Not on The High Street, Amazon, and on Plateaway.

To date, the company has sold in excess of 30,000 units, and continues to grow.

Mon Dessert is available from: