Award-winning Distillery, Martin + Brown, – Launches ‘Botanic Distillate’ With Two Flavours

Award-winning distillery, Martin + Brown‘s ‘Botanic Distillate,’ – uses a base spirit produced from sugar beet (grown in the fields of East Anglia), – that is distilled into an artisan copper still to 40% ABV, with two very unusual blends of botanicals. 

Their ‘Botanic Distillates’ has been developed to complement food, and to excite jaded palates and mixologists, with new and fresh flavours. The ‘Botanic Distillates’ range includes: 

  • A complex ‘Eastern Spice Blend’ with 14 botanicals, herbs and spices, – that is bursting with fresh coriander and hints of: orange, sumac, fennel and clove, followed by the warmth of ginger, and a light rose fragrance. 
  • An ‘Italian Spice Blend,’ containing 11 botanicals, herbs and spices, rendering a savoury spirit with a wonderful tomato aroma, heat and fragrance coming through from Cubeb pepper, and chillies with hints of caper, and a lasting oregano flavour finish.

Martin + Brown was Founded in September 2020 by Kim Martin-Brown, and Master Chef of Great Britain, James Brown. The pair, who has extensive knowledge of food and drink, – developed the two complex recipes based on flavours they love. 

Since launching last year, the brand is already stocked in: Masters of Malt, Comesto, Borough Box, Order.Beer and, and they’ve also been awarded with a Silver Medal, which is the ultimate seal of approval in the global spirits industry, by scoring highly in three different categories: quality, value and packaging.

After two years of development and a bold, mid-pandemic launch, the Martin & Brown story is one of success, thanks to excellent reviews on Difford’s Guide, and features on major podcasts and a recent award. 

As one of the creators, Co-Founder, Kim Martin-Brown said:

“I can confidently say that our inspiration came from a desire to see spirits on menus which complemented the food they were served with. We noticed, many years ago that very few aperitifs bore any relationship to the food on the menu of the establishment. Many spirits can’t and don’t complement food but Martin & Brown’s Botanic Distillates have been developed to do exactly that.”

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