Veggi Wash’s ‘Veggi Wipes:’ Neat, Natural Packaged Wipes For Cleaner, Safer And Longer-Lasting Fruit And Veg

Veggi Wash’s ‘Veggi Wipes’ enable(s) on-the-move fruit and veg lovers – to not only clean their fruit and veg in a safer way, but the wipes also allow(s) hungry folks to store and carry their fruit and veg in a natural way that means they last longer.

When it comes to washing your fruit and veg (whether at home or on the move), the Veggi Wipes are superior to water, and other wipes (such as anti-bacterial wipes), as they don’t leave a bitter taint or taste, which can be left behind on consumables, – making them less enjoyable to eat, AND they’re SAFER.

All of Veggi Wash’s products are made with 100% safe and natural ingredients, so that water-proof pesticides, microbes and grime can be removed from produce quickly, easily and effectively.

Effectively removing soil, agricultural chemicals and waxes makes food safer for our bodies to digest, unlike when washing with water alone. Another product of theirs is the Trigger Spray (with its initial Veggi Wash Concentrate), which effectively cleans fruit and veg. The product comes in 500ml, and 5L. 

Founded in 1995 by chartered chemist, scientist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Bruce Green, – Veggi Wash came to life after Bruce worked in Minneapolis, – where he saw over 20 children hospitalised from eating contaminated apples, and hence he started to find a solution.

Having invented Tristel’s proprietary chlorine dioxide technology (which delivers high performance disinfectants for medical instruments and surface worldwide), Bruce has been involved with the formulation of many famous brands both in the UK and in North America.

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He also holds numerous chemistry and cosmetic patents, and he sits on several EU advisory committees, along with having been awarded three government smart awards, and several European Union research grants. 

His business, Veggi Wash – sold 18.25 million products at the beginning of 2020, 5200 tons of bulk produced, and 2.1M tons of produce washed.

Bruce said: ‘In everyday life there has to be a better and safer fruit & vegetable wash. Don’t just wash it. Veggi Wash it.’

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